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Spicytuna 3.0 - Implementation

The Design Phase is done, now it is time for the Implementation Phase. I have to bring over the new design and make it so that there is a smooth transition over to the new layout.
During this time, you will start seeing most of the items in the Side Bars being modified or taken away. [...]

I Haz Zhevra Mount!

Yep, I got my very own [Swift Zhevra] Mount to travel around Azeroth, and to scare the crap out of all the Horde that sees me charging into battle in Battlegrounds.
A buddy of mine wanted to roll a character on my server so we could play together. He made a Rogue, and leveled it up [...]

My Arena Gear Setup

My Arena Gear setup is somewhat different from what most Arena experts would expect. Instead of stacking Stamina and Resilience like a good little Mage, I opted for more quick and destructive approach. So far it has proven to work in 2v2 and 3v3 quite nicely.

At a quick glance, you would see I have Season [...]

Got Honor Points Refunded but… Shh!

Alright, so I farmed the 15300 honor to buy the [Guardian's Band of Subjugation] and ended up buying the wrong Ring. Then I put in a GM ticket, and later the next day, I got an in-game mail saying that they have taken away the [Vindicator's Band of Subjugation] and refunded 12000 Honor and 10 [...]

Week 8/19 - Recap

Week 8/19 - Recap

World of Warcraft:
I didn’t get a chance to log on last night after my Ring ordeal, but I did receive an email from a GM stating that my [Vindicator's Band of Subjugation] has been removed, and they have refunded my the Honor Points and the 10 x [Alterac Valley Mark of Honor]. This time I [...]

Bought the Wrong @#%! Ring!

As you may know, me and my 2v2 partner got over 1650 rating last week, but didn’t have enough Honor Points to purchase our Season 4 Rings. So we played it on the safe side and played 3v3 with one of our other friends for points this week, since we didn’t want to play our [...]

Spicytuna 3.0 - Open Beta

That’s right! Unlike Blizzard, beta keys aren’t required from me to test out my new design. If you are still waiting for your WotLK Beta Key from Blizzard (like me), and need to satisfy your beta testing desires, you can help me out and test out my new design. If you are up to the [...]

Spicytuna 3.0 - Coming Soon!

I am currently working on a new layout for Spicytuna right now. So far it is looking good, and I am liking the way everything is going. I haven’t ran into any major problems yet, so hopefully that keeps up. Here is a glance at some of the changes I’m excited about:
One of things I [...]

WotLK: Build 8820 - Mage Glyphs

Woops! I forgot to give credit to MMO-Champion for this quick up to date news. They also provided us with an updated Talent Calculator to reflect the changes in the WotLK Beta Build 8820: Talent Calculator

Glyph of Fireball - Increases the initial damage dealt by Fireball by 5%, but removes the damage over time effect.
Glyph [...]

Arena Woes

Arena Woes

Finally, I was able to get back to Arena. For the past 3 weeks, either me or my partner were unable to be on at the same time to get our 10+ games in for points. So after weeks of packing, moving, going on trips, power outages, internet difficulties, and sickness, we are back! But [...]

Week 8/12 - Recap

Week 8/12 - Recap

World of Warcraft:
Big news for me, and I think it is worth mentioning again, M’uru / Entropius finally down! Working on Kil’jaeden now, and hopefully soon, I can say, “I beat the game!” again…
Video Games:
Final Fantasy IV: I reached the final dungeon and it has been kicking my butt. Looks like I reached it too [...]

End Game Satisfaction

End Game Satisfaction

Cambios from Muckbeast made a few comments about end game satisfaction, and raiding in general. He does make some very good points, both here and in his blog. I know where he’s coming at and agree with some of his points to a certain degree.
Maybe because of his game design background, he is viewing this [...]

1337 Spam

Another blog milestone reached!

That is all. Enjoy your weekend!

Kil’jaeden: Final Boss of the Burning Crusade

Kil’jaeden the Deceiver, is the sixth and final boss of the Sunwell Plateau, and as well as the final boss of this expansion, The Burning Crusade. He is the Supreme Commander of the Burning Legion, and is also known as the creator of the Lich King.

The encounter is definitely a fun fight. The M’uru/Entropius fight [...]

WotLK Beta: Mirror Image

The WotLK Beta has changed builds once again, and is currently at Build 8788. There were only two changes to the talents this time. A change to Torment the Weak and a change to Fingers of Frost. The biggest chance however is a brand new spell to replace our Shatter Shield spell, which was replaced [...]

The Spirit of Competition

With the 2008 Summer Olympics in full bloom, we watch and show our support to the athletes in Beijing who are representing our country. Of course, Blizzard has their own way of showing their support to the Olympics. They did so with “The Spirit of the Competition” event.

Go Team USA!
Not everyone is excited about the [...]

M’uru: The Dark Naaru

M’uru is finally dead! After a little over two months of wiping over and over again, we finally got the Dark Naaru down. Even after the nerf to M’uru in the last patch, he still gave us all sorts of trouble, and was a pain in the butt to attempt.
M’uru is definitely a very difficult [...]

Week 8/5 - Recap

World of Warcraft:
Do you find yourself at level 70 with nothing to do anymore? Even with end game raiding, I find myself with nothing to do on non-raid days. Normally I would farm for mats to prepare for the next raid, but I already have enough flasks, oils, foods, potions to last like three months. [...]

WotLK: Build 8770 - Instant Cast Deep Freeze

I come back from my small trip and already there is some more tweaks to the Mage class in WotLK. The new WotLK Beta Build 8770 is out, and they were posted again by a couple days ago, so it may be old news to you. If you haven’t taken a look at it [...]

Back from Otakon

I just got back from Otakon 2008 not too long ago. It was an Anime Convention which takes place every year in Baltimore, MD. So I was enjoying my days off from Thursday to Sunday and had a lot of fun. Incoming pictures and stuff when I get a chance! Time for some much needed [...]