Bought the Wrong @#%! Ring!

As you may know, me and my 2v2 partner got over 1650 rating last week, but didn’t have enough Honor Points to purchase our Season 4 Rings. So we played it on the safe side and played 3v3 with one of our other friends for points this week, since we didn’t want to play our 2s team and risk dropping below 1650 (the rating requirement for the season 4 rings) before getting our Rings.

So it early Monday morning- way too early Monday morning, like 4-5 AM. I decided to farm the last 3-4k Honor Points to get my Ring, in case she got her Ring already too. That way, if we both have our Rings, we can just play our 2s team later tonight and get more points (potentially).

I picked up the daily PvP quest, and it was WSG. Sweet, I love WSG! I queued in and 5 seconds later I get the pop up. I join. Good, Pug versus Pug, from what I’ve experience, I got a 50% chance at winning this WSG. I look at all the classes on my side, 5 Mages, 1 Druid, 1 Rogue, 2 Priests, 1 Hunter. Awesome, this looks like it gonna be a fun fight!

When nobody barks any strategy in chat, that normally means, “everyone on offense, kill flag runner when we meet them on the way back”. So the battle starts, and it looks like Horde has decided to do the same thing. We get the flag and on the way back, we meet the Horde head on in the middle of the field. Then one of the most amazing and beautiful sight I’ve seen in PvP happened.

In almost perfect synchronization, the five Mages all popped their trinkets, Icy Veins and Summon their Water Elementals all at the same time. There were Frostbolts and Waterbolts flying in every direction, and Horde were frozen everywhere. During all this frosty chaos, Horde managed to lose all their healers, and then, eventually the flag.

This battle seemed to had destroyed the Horde’s fighting spirit. For the rest of the game, the five Mages were controlling the middle of the field, dismounting and killing any Horde that tries to make it across the field, while our Druid and healers were pretty much left free to grab the flag and run it back with ease. We won 3-0. “Job’s Done!”

I get about 300 Honor for the kills and winning the battle, then another 400 or so for handing in the daily quest. Blah! I still need like 3k more Honor, and my attention span had already shown signs of failure. Perhaps it was that I was still tired, or maybe there was a blinking light or a bird just flew across my window- I wasn’t in the mood to PvP anymore. Then I noticed the other quest, Concerted Efforts.

I have forgotten how much Honor that quest yielded, but didn’t care at this moment. I flew back to my bank and took out all my PvP tokens. I had over 60 of each, that should be enough. I flew back to the quest guy and started turning in the tokens. Nice, 314 Honor for each turn in! So for 10 of each token, I got 3140 Honor points, which was enough for me to get my Ring. W00t!

I take the portal to Stormwind and ride my way to the Champion’s Hall. I ran over to the vendor, and clicked on the ring. “Are you sure you want to turn in 10 x [Alterac Valley Mark of Honor] for th-” blah blah blah whatever! Gimmie my ring! Yay new ring!

I took a look at how much Honor I have left now. 3k Honor Points left. uh oh. I take a closer look a the Ring I just bought, then take another look again. Yep… I bought the [Vindicator's Band of Subjugation] instead of the [Guardian's Band of Subjugation]. Epic fail!

I opened up a GM Ticket and logged off. What a horrible way to start off the day. /grumble

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  • 70TW said:

    I think everyone has had one of those /fail moments. Hopefully yours will be fixed quickly by the GM :)

  • gnomeaggedon said:

    May the GM’s be with you

  • krizzlybear said:

    I did that once, except with those shard thingies you get in Auchindoun when your faction has the PvP bonus. I bought the healing cowl instead of the caster one. epic fail.

  • Mae said:

    Wow, that sucks!! I’m not the biggest PvPer in the game, for many reasons, and the honor grind kills me sometimes. You should have seen me bitching and complaining when I had to farm the 8k honor for the 2m CD PvP trinket. Oh how I grumbled. :)

    I hope the GM’s are able to fix your ring problems. Those new rings are hawt!!

  • Nick S said:

    I accidentally re-purchased some badge gloves not long ago.

    The GM was helpful, but you can only get items traded so many times before they stop letting you do so.

  • Tuna (Author) said:

    @ Nick S

    Do you happen to know how many of these mistakes you are allowed before they stop? This happens to only be my first time, but it would be good to know how many mistakes I have left.

  • megan said:

    Since no one has said it yet..


  • Medros said:

    Let this be a lesson to not shop while completely wiped. Hope it works out for you in the end.

  • Tuna (Author) said:

    @ megan

    As an update, I did get the right Ring today, but there was a twist! More on that later…

  • Veresitha said:

    I did something similar on my Warlock with the 100 badge robes. I meant to purchase the +spell hit robe, moused over the +healing robe and thought “nope, wrong one”, moused over a dps robe and clicked it. Hearthed back to Shat, gemmed it, got it enchanted, put it on and realized my spell hit hadn’t moved at all.. turns out I bought the crit robe. All aboard the fail boat!

  • Muckbeast said:

    Ouch. That really stinks.

    Glad you got the right thing though.

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  • Nick S said:

    They didn’t tell me exactly how many, and I’m not sure there’s a specific number. I do know that a friend was cut off after 5, though, so perhaps that’s the specific number.