Got Honor Points Refunded but… Shh!

Alright, so I farmed the 15300 honor to buy the [Guardian's Band of Subjugation] and ended up buying the wrong Ring. Then I put in a GM ticket, and later the next day, I got an in-game mail saying that they have taken away the [Vindicator's Band of Subjugation] and refunded 12000 Honor and 10 x [Alterac Vally Mark of Honor] for the Ring.

So I took the Honor and Tokens I got back, and CAREFULLY bought the correct Ring. Then I slapped on the Spellpower enchant on it. At that point I realized something. The GM or the specialist made a little mistake…

I noticed that the [Vindicator's Band of Subjugation] was STILL in my inventory. Looks like they forgot to remove the ring after they refunded me the Honor and Marks. So I pretty much got two rings for the price of one!

Now I didn’t originally plan on using double haste ring for Arena since I also had the [Vindicator's Band of Dominance], but since I got it, I might as well use it. So right now I am using a new Arena gear setup (more on that some other time), and it has been working out very well for me.

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  • Aurdon said:

    What drew in my eyes is “however, please keep in mind that each player is granted a limited number of restorations for virtual property.”

    I wonder how that fits in with those who got hacked and never get anything back. Or even how many is a “limited number” and when does that number reset. I suppose I’ve always thought of these situations as a case by case basis but this wording looks like Blizzard has some hard rules on it.

  • krizzlybear said:

    If it were me in your situation, Tuna, I would be quite torn regarding your situation with the ring. On one hand, it reminds me of real life situations such as when you “accidentally” get extra bills when you withdraw from a bank machine, or get extra money on your tax return. There’s a bit of an honor system for patrons of a service when such things happen, since they are being granted such service in the first palce.

    Then again, it’s just a game, and it’s merely a virtual item. So I don’t know. There’s really no right or wrong here, so I’m not judging at all. If anything, I’m just jealous of your luck =P

  • River said:

    Hell yea I’m jealous…ok maybe I would take the extra bills at the bank machine too.

  • shrinkedge said:

    what i would do tuna (writing this with an evil grin) is send another message saying that you still have the ring and that you need it to be taken and refunded your honor points :)
    really, more free honor isnt bad. that is, unless you really want to keep the ring. your quite lucky.

  • Flaime said:

    I’d be careful with that kind of advice, shrinkedge…Trying to scam a GM is a bannable offense. And they will check.

  • Tuna (Author) said:

    @ krizzlybear

    That was what I was thinking too. That it was just merely a virtual item. Then again, I couldn’t really just contact the same GM again and tell him he made a mistake.

    @ shrinkedge

    Haha good idea, but I’m not going to push my luck. :)

  • shrinkedge said:

    lol.. i wasnt really thinking tuna would take my advice, seems smarter than that. thats why i wrote with my *evil grin* :)
    honestly, i would probly contact the GN that made the mistake and tell him. who knows, he may reward you for you honesty

  • magi said:

    Wow your so lucky! Grats!

  • Qix said:

    Yeah, My wife got that same message with her form letter “however, please keep in mind that each player is granted a limited number of restorations for virtual property.”

    It was particularly perturbing, in that case, since it was a bug in BLIZZARDS end that resulted in needing the restoration. (Quest completed but didnt pay out reward) I think its a standard form letter, and that they dont keep track at all, or if they do, its reserved for particularly egregious or careless players.


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