Arena Woes

Finally, I was able to get back to Arena. For the past 3 weeks, either me or my partner were unable to be on at the same time to get our 10+ games in for points. So after weeks of packing, moving, going on trips, power outages, internet difficulties, and sickness, we are back! But we were rusty.

After not doing Arena for 3 straight weeks and coming back, it felt like a whole new game. We weren’t in sync, and we go into a fight not thinking on the same page. We would lose to class combos which we normally have no problems dealing with. I was making a lot of careless mistakes. I was letting Warriors get Charges off, Blinking at the wrong times, missing my Counterspells, etc.

Warlocks are OP

Warlocks! This week, they have renewed my hatred towards their class. Fear lasts an eternity in fights, and it seems to NEVER break on damage and their Fel Puppy can pretty much solo me. They have a billion hit points, and their healer partners don’t even need to jump in to help. Okay, a little exaggeration, but yea, boo locks!

Okay, so we started off slow, then we had a mirror match which put us back into the game. Mage/Warlock vs Mage/Warlock. The match started and we went after the Warlock while I tried to Sheep the Mage. Our opponents thought the same. So me and the Mage play fake out with our casting, while our Warlock partners are killing each other. Then both locks died. Cool, one on one with a Mage, I can handle it.

Then all of a sudden, something hits me. Something I haven’t felt since my freshmen year of college during my Freshmen Engineering Design Project presentation on Implementing Solar Panels on Cellphones. My heart rate jumps up, then my arms and hands starts getting numb. They were getting the pins and needles feeling as if blood circulation was being cut off. “WTF!?”, I thought to myself, “Stupid hands! Now isn’t a good time to be not functioning!”.

With my hands operating at 50% capacity, the fight went on. The Mage made a mistake of popping his Water Elemental while I was far away, and I manage to escape behind a pillar and get an Invisibility off. I ran my Invisible behind to a random pillar and began eating hoping he wasn’t near when I popped out. Good, he wasn’t near, and he was still running around looking for me. His pet disappeared, and I show up with full health, full mana, and all my cooldowns. I eventually won the fight, but as the match went on, my hands were getting worst and worst.

After the match, I called a timeout to my partner (to hold up on the next queue) to take a short break. I looked at my hand, which are now shaking. You know in some movies where the hero takes a life for the first time, and stares at his hands which are covered in blood? Yea it kinda looked like that, you know, without the blood. So I went to used the bathroom, then went downstairs to grab a drink.

After I calmed down a bit, we resumed Arena, and it never happened again. Weird… normally I can remain poised under pressure, I had no idea where that panic attack came from. Maybe it was because I didn’t want to lose to a team that was the same as us. Or maybe it was because I didn’t want to lose to a fellow Frost Mage.

Anyways, we ended up hitting 1652 rating for the week, going 12-8. We stopped because we wanted to get our Season 4 rings (which requires a 1650+ rating). Things didn’t go as smoothly though. We then had a conversation which went something like this:

Me: Yay 1652! We can get our S4 Rings now!
Lock: Yay! Then after that we can get to 1700 and get our S4 Helms!
Me: Yea good idea, lets grab our Rings first incase we drop in rating.
Lock: Okay!

- one minute later -

Me: Uhh… How much honor did you have saved up?

Lock: Dammit! I just remembered I just spent it on xxxx piece yesterday!
Me: >_< I only have 1935 honor right now!
Lock: I have 235! LoL!
Me: Maybe we should queue into Battlegrounds and farm some honor?
Lock: Alrighties, which BG you wanna do?

- one minute later -

Me: On second thought, I think I’m just gonna take a nap or something…
Lock: Haha yea me too. We can do BGs tomorrow or wait for a preform or something.

Moral of the story, have your honor points saved ahead of time. And take your vitamins* or something to prevent panic attacks.

Ahh Battlegrounds… I have such love/hate relationship with it (I can probably do a whole separate post on this). I really do enjoy PvPing, it’s just sometimes I have to deal with afkers, or players running off doing their own thing. This usually results in a loss, which I don’t like. I have a pretty competitive nature, and I don’t like to lose. According to Euripedes, I am an “Enthusiast” turned “Pro”.

So I do like 3 games of Battlegrounds now then get bored and stop. I now have about 7800 honor saved up for the ring. I need like 8000 more honor to go. Hopefully I can get that sometime before my next Arena matches.

*vitamins most likely had nothing to do with it.

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  • megan said:

    You should have seen my hands going into a match in 2’s last week when we were at 1699 at one point.

    This is also why I hate 2’s—it’s the most stressful bracket for me with the most little reward. Stressful in one sense because depending on the classes involved, it can take you 10-15 minutes.. and then you see you only gained 12-13 rating points. Sigh.

    Stressful in another sense that it often does come down to 1v1 situations which become really intense. Any losses that result from 1v1 hit you harder because it was just you—doubt starts to creep in, hesitation grows, and all those could’ve/should’ve/would’ve thoughts nag at you because it was all on your shoulders.

  • Alians said:

    What battlegroup are you in?
    In the cyclone battlegroup the 1650’s are pretty much full vengeful healer/dps that would probably be near impossible for a mage/lock combo.

  • Tuna (Author) said:

    @ megan

    Doubt definately creeps in, and previous matches really start affecting your future matches. I try to take a 5 minute break after every 2 in a row losses to give us time to clear our minds and stuff.

    @ Alians

    Battlegroup 9: Bloodlust

  • Nick S said:

    I’m on Reckoning, and ’round here the full Vengeful starts at 1450.

    The shaky-hands feeling is all too familiar… when it’s a tight game, and I know I can have it if I’m *perfect*, my whole body gets tingly.

  • Muckbeast said:


    First off: That “screenshot” is made out of win. You have a career as a web comic creator somewhere deep down.

    Second: Sounds like a combination of stress, panic, and excitement all rolled into one got the best of you. I’m glad it worked out and you won. Congrats.

    Third: PvP – accept no substitute. :)

    Blogging about Online Gaming and Virtual Worlds:

  • Muckbeast said:

    This comic still absolutely slays me.


  • zupa (Author) said:

    I was reading somewhere once that Bloodlust is the most difficult battlegroup to get a good rating in.

    Can’t remember which stat led to this inference unfortunately. I believe it was something from arena junkies, something about people in our battlegroup stood out as above the others. Perhaps the number of people ranked or something.

    Ok so I dont really know, but Bloodlust is hard. That’s all im saying :P If I can find the original info ill post accordingly.

    Gratz on your rating btw, one great thing about having no healer is you dont end up with 10 minute 2v2 arena matches every single time. Running out of mana and gems in an arena makes me feel so…. useless.

    me + pally vs druid + warrior last night took for EVER…and we lost… and we had them again next round!

    *tears hair out*