More Arena in Week Two

Now that I had enough games for Geldin for the week, time to get Utada some Arena points. Right now she is only in a 2v2 team. Her partner, as you may already know, is a Warlock, and we did a lot better this week. Last week we went 25-25 and ended with a rating of 1517.

Last week I showed you my hatred for the Rogue class in Arena, this time two classes had managed to get us angry, Hunters and Druids. BM Hunters just tear up my little Warlock buddy, and MM Hunters would drain our mana dry. Druids… they’re really good at running away and staying alive. Plus I hate Cyclone.

Every time a Hunter pops Bestial Wrath, a Warlock sacrifices a kitten.
Please think of the kittens.

Since we played well over 40 matches this week, I am not going to break down each fight like I did with Geldin’s matches. The picture pretty much sums up our loses. We lost to a lot of drain teams, and a few teams with Druid/DPS.  We manage to beat some of the tougher setups, and are getting better against them. Warrior/Druid, Rogue/Druid, Rogue/Priest, to name a few.

Then there were the teams that gave us some easy wins. The Ret Paladin who didn’t cleanse Sheep off his Warrior partner, or the Boomkin that died in like 5 seconds while the SPriest was busy dotting us up. I would like to thank these teams that helped us get enough rating so that we could buy our Season 4 Chestpieces. We stopped at 1600 rating.

I got my [Brutal Gladiator's Silk Raiment] and my Warlock partner got her [Brutal Gladiator's Dreadweave Robe]. I failed to have enough honor to buy my bracers or ring, but now I can farm honor all weekend, or pass out trying to do so.

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  • Tepisor said:

    Your images are full of win. Congratulations, you seem to be doing a lot better than me.

  • Valdesta said:

    Hey there, thanks for the note!

    Ah, arena… I tried it a little bit and improved rapidly in the early games but I ditched my partner recently. I seem to be happy enough toodling around in the battlegrounds where I can /afk out and not annoy anyone for having to do it ;)

    I’ll definitely be back to read more of your Frost Mage entries! Too bad you’re Alliance, I guess I’ll have to forgive you (and you, me) ;)

    My Player blog

  • Drynne said:

    A pleasure, as always. Keep the drawings coming….they make me crack up and my work week goes faster!


  • Tuna (Author) said:

    Glad you guys like the pictures! It helps me from staying angry after a long night of Arena. Expect more since I know next week won’t be different.

    Ewww Horde… but you are forgiven, as long as you promise to kill some Hunters for me.

  • lockomatic said:

    I play a Warlock, and oh gawd do I hate bm hunters. They just tear me apart. Rogues too! I luv the picture though! nerf bestial wrath!

  • Vixenytli and Chuck said:

    Arena is all win! I love it! Even when we lost. It’s just awesome- but even I couldn’t do 40. I have a hard time doing 10 cause no one else likes it. That gear is gorgeous though! looks like I’ll have to do some grinding. :)


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