Week 2 of Season 4

I played 10 games the first week on Geldin, in a PMR 3v3 setup. Doomilias was the Rogue, and our friend Carl was playing his Priest. We went 5-5 and ended up with 1505 rating. We blamed competitive nature of the first week of the season, and the fact that last season’s high rating teams are now at 1500 with us. That plus this being the first time we played PMR together, we lacked the teamwork and communication, but we are getting better.

This week we did much better. We coordinated our CCs better, and focused DPS a bit better. Now we just got to get used to each other’s playstyle. So we don’t end up CCing the wrong target, or breaking each other’s CC. More time playing together will make us better.

Match #1

BM Hunter / SL Warlock / Priest:
To be honest, this match was all sorts of unorganised chaos. Hunter popped Beastral Wrath, I went in close and AoE’d, Doom was on the Warlock, then the match was over.

We won. +15 rating, Current Rating: 1520

Match #2

BM Hunter / SL Warlock / Priest:
Same team, same “strategy”, same results.

We won. +14 rating, Current Rating: 1534

Match #3

Warrior / Resto Druid / Rogue:
Carl got Sapped, I sheeped the Rogue, switched to Warrior, my Frostbolt got Pummeled, and then I died within three seconds. The rest of the team was dead shortly after. Warrior had Season 3 weapon, and it hurts.

We lost. -11 rating, Current Rating: 1523

Match #4

Warrior / Rogue / Rogue:
Only me and the Warrior are visible. Doom was stealthed, our Priest was Shadowmelded. I Ice Lanced the Warrior putting him in combat so he couldn’t get the initial Charge. Both Rogues opened up on me, and our Priest got them off me with a Psychic Scream. I sheeped the Warrior, and me and Doom started working on one of the Rogues. Doom Blinded one of the Rogues, I broke it with my Pet’s Freeze, but all ended well and they both died, then we killed the Warrior. We will now start calling CC ahead of time.

We won. +15 rating, Current Rating: 1538

Match #5

Warrior / Feral Druid / Priest:
Sheeped Warrior, killed Druid (he couldn’t run away from Doom). Their Priest was keeping the Druid up, while Carl was Mana Burning him. Their Priest ran out of mana, the Druid died. Warrior and Priest without mana, it was an easy clean up.

We won. +16 rating, Current Rating: 1554

Match #6

Mage / Warrior / Priest:
Sheeped the Warrior, then we went after the Priest. Their Mage didn’t even try to Sheep us (I don’t think), and Carl was able to keep himself alive for awhile. Warrior eventually became Immune to Sheep and him and the Mage were able to kill Carl, their Priest also died at the same time. 2v2 I was fighting the Mage and Doom on Warrior. I beat the Mage, and I was at 25% Health. Doom had to Vanish because he was about to die. I kite the Warrior around long enough for Doom to go eat and get himself healed up, then I Ice Blocked. Doom opened up on the Warrior and kept him stunned, while I run to a safe distance and Frostbolt away.

We won. +17 rating, Current Rating: 1571

Match #7

Boomkin / Mage / Priest:
Doom was on the Mage, and Carl was Mana Burning everyone. The Boomkin did a great job keeping me Cycloned, then went Bear form and charged me to keep me stunned. But their Priest couldn’t keep up with healing the Mage while getting Mana Burned, and eventually the Mage died. The rest was easy.

We won. +15 rating, Current Rating: 1586

Doom calls a timeout so he could go purchase his Bracers which required a 1575 rating. Ten minutes later, he returns with his [Guardian's Leather Bracers] all gemmed and enchanted. Break time is over!

Match #8

Warrior / Rogue / Priest:
Carl got Sapped, and we were on the defensive. My Ice Block was Mass Dispelled pretty quickly and Carl was unable to keep me alive.

We lost. -14 rating, Current Rating: 1572

Match #9

Warrior / Rogue / Priest:
Same team, same results.

We lost. -14 rating, Current Rating: 1558

Match #10

Priest / Mage / Rogue:
We finally run into the same setup. We get a good Psychic Scream by Carl at the beginning and go on the offensive. I get a sheep on the Rogue and work on the Mage with Doom. Carl kept burning away at the Priest’s mana. The Rogue is eventually immune to Sheep and then gets Blinded by Doom. Mage goes down, then Rogue dies next, then the oom Priest.

We won. +14 rating, Current Rating: 1572

We stopped after ten matches because I had to go grab dinner. We ended up going 7-3 for the week with a 1572 Rating. I blame those two last losses on Doom for making us take a break, and disrupting our flow.

We are getting better at playing together. We are still breaking each other’s CC but it is less frequent now. CC chains are looking better too! Soon we will be able to anticipate what each of us are going to do, and hopefully we won’t have to call out for CC chains, it’ll just happen naturally.

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