First week of Season 4

So I tried to start PvPing again, and remembered how frustrating it was starting off. There is still a good deal of competition in the 1500 ratings. I myself am still very rusty. My reaction time and decision making during fights have been pretty bad. Missing my Counterspells, attacking wrong target, not keeping a target CC’d, the list goes on. Heck the last time I Arena’d, the [Mystical Skyfire Diamond] proc used to be half-cast. I keep forgetting to replace that gem. What is the best meta gem for a PvPing Mage now?

The beginning of Season 3, I was totally prepared. I had close to 5000 Arena points saved up for 3 pieces of gear, and enough Honor points to buy my Ring, Boots, and Bracers. Had enough badges to buy the PvP Cloak and Trinket too. I played in a 3v3 Priest/Mage/Rogue (PMR) team. We played very competitively and hit 1950+ in the first 3 weeks. Then all of a sudden the Rogue ebays and the Priest quits WoW. Boo! That is pretty much where Season 3 ended for me. I did end up with 4 Piece S3 and the Vindicator Wand and Off-Hand though.

I ended up playing the rest of Season 3 with my friend’s alt Warlock, to slowly getting her geared up. We tried to play the minimum 10 games a week, but sometimes we forget, or get too lazy. We would hover around 1600-ish but the matches were fun. I didn’t get as angry on losses like I would during my PMR days, so it was a nice change in pace. Plus she was a Gnome Warlock with less than 10k HP at the time, so she would always die in every match, and I thought it was funny when female Gnomes die and flop to the ground. The noise she makes when she dies too, very funny.

Now that I don’t have a Rogue on my team, I hate them. They just don’t die!

Anyways, beginning of Season 4, I was totally unprepared. I had like 1k Arena Points saved up. Like 400 Honor points, and STILL wearing my Veteran Neck and Belt. Didn’t purchase the new PvP Trinket yet either. My Warlock partner is in pretty good PvP gear now, and she is over 11k HP with like 350 Resilience now. We played until we at least broke even for the first week. We ended up at 25-25 with like 1517 Rating or something before we called it quits. Man the competition was brutal. It is ok though I thought to myself. It is always really tough during the first week. Of course it is, all the 2000+ Rating teams last season, are now at 1500 Rating, so you will be playing some of them. Everything will be alright.

We played some more games the second week. Got up to 1550+ so that my partner could get her S4 Leggings. Me? I only had like 1500 Arena Points because I am a big dummy who didn’t save any Arena points. I figured I’d start doing some BGs again to upgrade my Honor gear.

Blah 40k Honor Points seems so much for a Trinket! My weakest PvP gear is my Neck and Belt, so I started grinding up Honor for them. 18k Honor later, which one should I upgrade first? I figured that I can probably get the [Sin'dorei Pendant of Conquest] off of the Eredar Twins (hurray for PvEing for PvP gear) so I bought the [Guardian's Silk Belt] first. Yay my first purchase of Season 4! Already, I am sick of doing Battlegrounds…

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  • Tepisor said:

    The picture is pure win imo :)

    I’ve started PvPing with my Shadow Priest (and Rogue parter in 2vs2) at the end of S3, with pathetic gear. We managed to hover at 1500, which was pretty surprising for me.

    Now, with almost full S2 including weapons and Vindicator set, we hover at the same rating. Damn the start of season, where everyone starts equal.

    And yea, Rogues are pure evil.

  • WoW Macros said:

    two rogues destroyed myself as well even in 3’s two rogues and resto druid killed Dpriest (myself full s2 vindicators and guardain) Enchance Shaman, s4/s3 and Hunter s3

    The rogues didnt even have that great of gear, it was pretty frustrating.

  • Drynne said:

    LOVE LOVE the pic!


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