Season 5 Arena: WTF is up with my Rating!?

I’ve been doing PvE content for quite some time now ever since I hit level 80. With all end game raiding content cleared for awhile, I’ve been doing pretty much the same thing over the past couple weeks, and I figured it’s time to do something different. Maybe some Arena for a change?

I know I am a bit late to start getting into Arena now since season 5 start like a billion weeks ago, but I figured I would just start doing the a few games a week just to start saving points. Plus I was waiting for my partner to level up to 80 for awhile (her Warlock is one of her many alts) so I was in no rush. We have been out of the Arena mindset for awhile now, so we haven’t been remembering to start playing again either.

I asked around to see what the average amount of resilience is good nowadays. 700 to 800 is good, 900 and up is great. I put on my old Brutal/Vengeful Gladiator gear, and swapped in the two pieces of Deadly Gladiator gear I got from VoA. Bought the new PvP Trinket and saw that I had around 760 resilience. Sweet I should be good now! WRONG! Dead wrong.

Photoshopped and Exaggerated, but you know what I mean.

The level 70 gear we were sporting ain’t cutting it. We still take a ton of damage, have low health pools, and barely do any damage. The worst part is, every time we won, we got 1 – 7 points, every time we lose, we lost 18 – 25 points. Our arena rating took a skydive. After asking around and reading a bit, this is Blizzard’s way of putting you in the right bracket.

I only had 15k Health, and a whopping 1200 Spell Power. Yep… Time to replace those gear!

The highlight of the day of arena is when we rode in, and my Warlock partner died in 1 second, and her killers vanished without a trace before anything could be called out. I thought it was hilarious, her, not so much. We saw this same team 3 times I think.

It’s ok though. I’ll start running battlegrounds again, and farm honor to replace my level 70 gear. She’ll do the same (hopefully!) and we’ll make our comeback. Plus Rogues got a PvP nerf recently, so she’ll survive a few seconds longer next time.

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