WotLK Beta: Mirror Image

The WotLK Beta has changed builds once again, and is currently at Build 8788. There were only two changes to the talents this time. A change to Torment the Weak and a change to Fingers of Frost. The biggest chance however is a brand new spell to replace our Shatter Shield spell, which was replaced by a Frost Talent.

For the new Mage spell, Blizzard pulls one out of the pages of Naruto’s techniques, and gives us Shadow Clones. The new spell for Mages at level 80 is now, Mirror Image!

Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!

I am not sure if these images will mimic whatever you do, or do their own thing. Doesn’t say if they will actually do damage or just a percentage of damage, or none at all. If this is meant to be a spell which creates decoys for you, does this cause enemies to de-target you when you cast it like Feign Death? There is still a lot of unknowns about this spell, so hopefully we learn more about it soon.

The new change to Torment the Weak makes it so that it affects “Ensnared” targets instead of “Slowed” targets. That means it works on targets affected by Curse of Exhaustion and Chill, which is from Ice Armor.

*edit* It looks like all Frost spells with a chill affect will be considered a “Ensnared” effect now. You can see how it shows up now in the default UI. Here you can see it popping up with Frostfire Bolt (with a new animation). Found the video thanks to Spooncraft.com

The newest version of Fingers of Frost now reverts back to the older version, but with a much shorter duration. Instead of your next two Frost damage spells, it is your next Frost damage spells for 4 seconds. This means you can squeeze in two Frostbolts and maybe an Ice Lance during that duration. You “should” be in the middle of casting a Frostbolt by the time your previous Frostbolt hits and procs FoF (due to travel time). So when you cast it, you’ll have another 2.5 – 3 seconds to cast another Frostbolt and Ice Lance.

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  • Grimmtooth said:

    Most abject apologies, but Dungeons and Dragons was doing “Mirror Image” as a mage spell long before Naruto came along. So the more correct statement would be that they looked at their ancestral roots and re-acquainted themselves with the technique. Or something.

    (there’s even a picture of Mirror Image in action in my AD&D 1E PHB)

  • krizzlybear said:

    As a closet Narutard, you have no idea how happy this makes me. Just don’t expect me to use some sort of macro alongside this spell that makes me say Kage “Bunshin no Jutsu!” as I do the spell. That’s just….well, wrong…

  • Tuna (Author) said:

    @ Grimmtooth

    Haha yea, but like krizzlybear, the Narutard within me came out when I saw this spell. Which reminds me… back when I played FFXI, I changed my job class to Ninja/Black Mage, and that made for some very easy farming.

    @ krizzlybear

    LoL, you know we’re gonna make that macro and used it at least once.

  • Matticus said:

    I suspect that the Mirror Image ability will literally be a mirror image of the Mage. For example, if you queue up a fireball, so do the other two. If you move right, they move right.

    Well, maybe not. But it’s a nice thought at least!

  • krizzlybear said:

    Obligatory (corny) joke comment: This new spell is going to be awesome….BELIEVE IT!

  • Wolvknight said:

    Ok I like Naruto but seriously if blizzard took this from anywhere it was Warcraft 3 or one of it’s predecessors in Wc3 the orc blademaster has the ability mirror image at max rank creates three copies that do no damage but with full hp and causes you to untarget the real one so ya….think a lil