The Coolest Part of Disconnecting

Disconnecting from WoW can be a pain in the butt sometimes. Especially when your in the middle of something important. Disconnects seems to always happen at the worst times. A ranked Arena match for 2000+ rating, or on Sapphiron right before he does a Frost Breath, while on The Immortal run!

Everything on your screen kind of freezes. Everyone is running in place, stuck in a casting animation, or running into walls. Your jump around with your character with your hands all glowing from what you were casting before you disconnected.

Then you hear the horrible screams in vent…

“Nooo it’s 2 on 1 now! We’re about to get Hot Hot Hot Streak too!”

“Move behind an Ice Block! Move move move! Disconnected… There goes immortal…”

The good news is that you can still hear vent, so it isn’t your internet that is down. The bad news is that you just cost the team/raid something important. Your partner(s)/guild now hates you for at least a week.

That is just the worst case scenario, but I can imagine that it has happened before. I’ve been having connection problems lately, and luckily it hasn’t been during anything like that.

Oh yea, the cool part. I found that when you are in the process of disconnecting, it is the perfect time to take cool screenshots. Especially if you are a caster.

This was taken when I was in Ironforge and saw that I was going to disconnect soon. I saw everyone running in place, or running into the wall, and when I tried to cast a spell, I was stuck in the casting animation. When you move, your hands will still glow, and the spell effect under your character is still there as well.

Now I need to find a use for this awesome shot. It just looks too cool! I wished I had a better computer so I could run the game with all the settings turned up. I bet that shot would have looked much cooler.

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  • Grimmtooth said:

    Ummm, no, I do run with graphics all the way up, and that’s about as good as that spell animation gets.

    But that’s a groovy thing to do with disconnects. Too cool.

    Apropos of nothing … log out of your blog account, go to this article, and start writing a reply to your article. Is the editor where you want it to be?

    Grimmtooths last blog post..An actual raiding weekend!

  • Tuna (Author) said:

    I still want a new computer so I can have more than 4 fps in Dalaran with all the graphics turned up.

    The editor thing is a wp-plugin which allows the commenter 1 minute to edit their comment after posting it. A timer is supposed to countdown but I didn’t see it. After the 1 minute, or if someone comments after you, you won’t be able to edit your comment no more.

  • magi said:

    Okay that is a really awesome screenshot. A nice Frosty look too it!

    No countdown for me either. Using IE7

  • Gnomeaggedon said:

    Great idea… I am terrible when it comes to punching that print screen button… especially with Aussie lag, and Quartz doesn’t help for screenshots.

    I think Grimm is referring to the fact that the comments section is at the bottom of the page… lots of whitespace between post & comments. I assume due to width of images & width of comment box…

    Gnomeaggedons last blog post..from 0 to 365 in 285 days

  • Artemes said:

    Usually when I disconnect I get weird laggy things happen.
    An example would be the ground in Wintergrasp disappearing…haha

    Artemess last blog post..Crossbows, RNG, and Heroics…

  • Valdesta said:

    Yes, my disconnection cost us an Undying attempt too, but then freak accidents did the same thing to others later on so I didn’t feel too bad.

    The best disconnection I had was during a BRD run just a month ago – I couldn’t believe a group could be so ill-coordinated in this phase of the game, and I was planning to stay there until the group broke up, just for laughs.

    Then, I disconnected and couldn’t get back on the game for 10 minutes, and I took it as a sign that I should thank my lucky stars and maybe take on Wintergrasp instead.



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