Week 8/19 – Recap

World of Warcraft:

I didn’t get a chance to log on last night after my Ring ordeal, but I did receive an email from a GM stating that my [Vindicator's Band of Subjugation] has been removed, and they have refunded my the Honor Points and the 10 x [Alterac Valley Mark of Honor]. This time I will be more careful when I make my purchase.


I’ve been playing a new Tactical RPG now for the Xbox360 called Spectral Force 3. It had just been recently ported over from Japan, and is a very solid game (if you like tactical rpg games that is). The only downside for me that even though it has HD support, the graphics still look like it is a PS2 game. Other than that, I’ve been enjoying this game.

I still have been playing a lot of Final Fantasy Tactics A2 during the week. Since it is for the Nintendo DS though, I’m going to save my playing time for the upcoming trips I have planned.


With recommendations from some of the readers, and some of my friends, I started watching D-Gray Man, Full Moon o Sagashite, and Chrno Crusade.

I blame these series for my sudden lack of sleep lately, but so far, they are all really good. Thanks for the recommendations!


Patch Notes: Spicytuna Client Patch 2.5.1 (2008-08-26)

The latest patch notes can always be found at https://spicytunas.com/test

General Design:

  • Changed the color scheme of the polls to match new layout
  • Started adding more links to the Blog Roll
  • Added the Badges to the right Side Bar


  • Added the Gaming Theme

I am almost done with the new design, and just need to make minor changes to some of the coding. I will also need to totally redo my Categories in order to take advantage of the theme, and that will take me a whole lot of time.

Also, with the new layout making navigation a lot easier, it also takes away a good amount of space where I would normally have Blog Rolls, and RSS feeds I currently have now. So I am planning on making a separate page dedicated to my blog list.

Thanks again to everyone who has been providing me feedback with the new layout!

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  • Zupa said:

    Glad you got your ring issue resolved. Lucky lucky!

  • Mae said:

    It’s awesome to hear that you got your honor & your marks back so you could get the right ring. The GM’s can be really awesome and helpful from time to time!!

    On Anime, my fav is Vampire Princess Myu. I had to special order it, but it was worth it to me. I also love Bubble Gum Crisis. That said, I’m a little bit of an Anime Nub, so I’ve not watched nearly as much as I probably could. I also LOVE Trinity Blood!!

    Still love the carousel on the new site!!


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