Kil’jaeden: Final Boss of the Burning Crusade

Kil’jaeden the Deceiver, is the sixth and final boss of the Sunwell Plateau, and as well as the final boss of this expansion, The Burning Crusade. He is the Supreme Commander of the Burning Legion, and is also known as the creator of the Lich King.


The encounter is definitely a fun fight. The M’uru/Entropius fight was really a good test and great preparation for the final battle with the Deceiver. The fight is a combination of a lot of boss encounters. It is like Magtheridon, Curator, Void Reaver, Razorgore the Untamed, Teron Gorefiend, and Hex Lord Malacrass, all put together into one fight.

The fight is also a lore extensive fight, much like the Illidan fight with Akama and Maiev Shadowsong. I suggest reading up on Anveena and Kalecgos to learn more about the whole Sunwell Plateau instance.

Spoiler Alert! The rest of the post will go through the phases of the fight, which will include some spoilers to the Sunwell story. I have also included a video of the first 3 Phases of the fight, so if you do not wish to know how the fight goes, or know how the fight ends, you might not want to continue.

The Deceiver

Phase One: The fight begins like the beginning of the Magtheridon fight where you take out summoners before the main boss is released. After the three Hands of the Deceivers are dead, Kil’jaeden is summoned out of the Sunwell.

Phase Two: Kil’jaeden is summoned, but he is only halfway out of the Sunwell when you fight him. During the fight, he spawns Shield Orbs which does damage similar to the one in the Teron Gorfiend, but moves around and can be killed like the orbs which Curator spawns. He spawns one orb every minute or so.

He also does random fire damage to the raid. Fire Bloom is casted on random raid members, which does periodic fire damage to the person, as well as anyone standing within 10 yards of the affected player. The next phase begins when you get Kil’jaeden down to 85%.

Phase Three: Right when he switches to this phase, he will randomly target a raid member, and creates four clones of that person. Much like the Hex Lord fight, the abilities of the clone differs depending on the class. The clones need to be picked up by a tank, and AoE’d down.

During this phase, Kil’jaeden will target random players and send a Shadow Spike at that person. Just like the Void Reaver fight, it has a travel time, and does AoE damage on impact, but instead of silencing the person when hit, it reduces incoming healing on the player. Oh and remember the Shield Orbs from the previous phase? He spawns two of them every minute or so now.

He also has another fire spell to do more random damage. Flame Darts hits the entire raid, and also reduces the player’s movement speed by 50%. This can be countered by the Blue Dragon’s haste buff.

That is not all. Every minute, Kil’jaeden does an ability called Darkness of a Thousand Souls which has an 8 second cast time, and does 50,000 Shadow Damage to the entire raid. How do you survive this? With the Blue Dragon’s shield ability.

During this phase, Kalecgos offers his helps and empowers one of the four Dragon Orbs located around the room. When he empowers one of them, one of the assigned raid members will click on the orb and take control a dragon, much like the Razorgore fight. The Blue Dragon has four abilities, a Blink, two cone breaths, and a shield. Perfect for a Mage to control.

Blink is exactly like a Mage’s Blink. The first breath gives a Haste buff to any raid members within the cone. The second breath restores health and mana to any raid members within the cone. The shield ability creates a big shield in which everyone in the raid can take cover under, and survive Kil’jaeden’s Darkness of a Thousand Souls. The next phase begins when Kil’jaeden is taken down to 55%.

Phase Four: The phase begins again with four more clones of an randomly targeted player. He also spawns three Shield Orbs instead of two. Another new ability is used. Armageddon is a spell he uses which drops a meteor which does 10,000 fire damage. Everyone must move out of the way before it hits. There will be 3 of them dropping at any given time.

Other than that, it is the same as the previous phase with the Shadow Spikes and Dragon Orbs . The next phase begins when Kil’jaeden is at 25%.

Phase Five: He begins the phase the same as the previous two phases with the clones again. This time, there will be no more Shield Orb spawns, and he now does Darkness of a Thousand Souls every 30 seconds or so. There will now be 5 Armageddon drops at any given time.

During this phase, Anveena sacrifices herself to help defeat Kil’jaeden. When she does her sacrifice, it causes Kil’jaeden to take 25% increased Holy Damage. Also at the time of the sacrifice, Kil’jaeden is stunned for 5 seconds, and all four Dragon Orbs are empowered.

This is the final phase, and there is a touching scene if you can get him down to 0%. You should also note that when you defeat Kil’jaeden, you don’t kill him, but prevent him from being fully summoned, and he goes back to where he was.

Here is a video of one of our attempts at Kil’jaeden. You can see phases 1-3 in this video.