Week 8/5 – Recap

World of Warcraft:

Do you find yourself at level 70 with nothing to do anymore? Even with end game raiding, I find myself with nothing to do on non-raid days. Normally I would farm for mats to prepare for the next raid, but I already have enough flasks, oils, foods, potions to last like three months. So what do I do now to keep myself busy? I gave myself a reason to start doing dailies again.

Now I have a Chocobo for ground and air!

I bought ["Gigantique" Bag] x 4, and a [Cenarion War Hippogryph]. It was either the mount, or drop 1k gold on that new title from the Isle of Quel’Danas. So the bags were 1200g each, and the mount was 1600g. I think my next goal is to replace all my 20 slot bags in my bank (all seven) with the expensive Haris Pilton ones. After that, then I will get the title.

Video Games:

I’ve been playing FFIV still and am coming close to beating it. I just landed on the moon and am currently making my way towards that crystal castle looking thing. Incoming new party member!

Madden 2009 came out today. Me and my roommate picked up our copy last night at midnight at the local 7 eleven. This year’s graphics look amazing, and the game seems to be going at a much faster pace. The regular football season needs to start already. Guess Madden will keep me busy until then.

Looks like EA Games needs to update their cover.

Real Life:

Otakon 2008 was a ton of fun. A convention full of anime, video games, and thousands of people who share the same interests. I even found some Warcraft players!

A Warlock, a Moonkin, and a Priest walk into a bar…

I’ll have more pictures and stuff in the future. I still gotta sort through all of them, and get more pictures from my other friends who went with me.

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