The Spirit of Competition

With the 2008 Summer Olympics in full bloom, we watch and show our support to the athletes in Beijing who are representing our country. Of course, Blizzard has their own way of showing their support to the Olympics. They did so with “The Spirit of the Competition” event.

Go Team USA!

Not everyone is excited about the Olympics, but I have been following them whenever I have a chance. It even distracted me a bit during the Sunwell Plateau raid the other night. I am also convinced that Michael Phelps is a Druid with Aquatic Form.

By simply participating in one of the Battlegrounds (WSG, AB, EotS, AV), you will receive a [Competitor's Tabard]. With each winning Battleground you took part of, you have a chance to receive [Gold Medallion], which summons a Dragon vanity pet. You will receive your prizes by mail.

What I think would be a good idea is if Blizzard could set up some sort of Warcraft Olympics themselves. They should set it up so that each Realm would be competing against other Realms for some sort of recognition or prize. Have it so that during this event, when you queue into Battlegrounds, you enter with only players of your own Realm, and play against a team of other players of their own Realm.

Blizzard could keep records of wins/losses for every Realm, and at the end of the event, could rank each Realm. It could even work with just within your Battlegroup, but I would like to see players from more Realms for a change. I dunno, just a thought.

Utada and Mushu

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