M’uru: The Dark Naaru

M’uru is finally dead! After a little over two months of wiping over and over again, we finally got the Dark Naaru down. Even after the nerf to M’uru in the last patch, he still gave us all sorts of trouble, and was a pain in the butt to attempt.

M’uru is definitely a very difficult fight. The group composition had to be perfect, and everyone must on their game, and no mistakes can be made. Like many guilds have already said about M’uru, Blizzard has done a great job with creating this encounter.

It really pushes your raid to the limit, and when you finally kill him, you get this great feeling of taking down what many people say is the hardest boss so far in the game.

In Phase 1, you fight M’uru and his waves of adds. You need to DPS him down while at the same time deal with waves of Bloodelves which run in from two sides. There are also Voidwalkers which come out of portals which randomly appear in the room. When the Voidwalkers die, it spawns about ten Voidspawns, which need to be AoE’d down. While all this is going on, these skulls also spawn in the center of the room, which needs to be Mass Dispelled right away or they will wipe the raid.

Phase 2 starts when you get M’uru down to 0%. M’uru dies and Entropius is born. At this time, no more waves of mobs will come, but you must kill any remaining mobs that were up when M’uru is still alive. Entropius does a raid-wide shadow beam, which increases in damage the longer he is up. The raid must be able to take him out before the damage gets too high for the raid to heal through.

Loot Time! We have now already killed M’uru/Entropius twice now, so I guess you can say we now have him on farm. We actually wiped more times on Felmyst then we did on M’uru this week. Here is a list of what we got so far.

First Kill:

Second Kill:

Look at all that caster loot we got!! /sigh Maybe we will actually get some next week. On the bright side, we did get a lot of tanking loot, so our Main Tank is getting geared (which is always a good thing), which will make it easier for future raids.

38.5k HP fully raid buffed with a few things popped.

Now we on to the next and last boss of the current expansion, Kil’jaeden the Deceiver. Then we can say that we finally beat the game… again… until the next expansion…

Next Boss: Kil’jaeden

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