What NOT to do during Sunwell Raids

So I missed the last 2 and a half weeks of raiding due to being out of town, and attending a couple of weddings, and now I’m back. Looks like I will be missing out on most of Brewfest, since there is only two days left for me to even having a chance at the Kodo Mount.

I signed on Thursday night on my Mage and it was pretty much like, “Welcome back! You are on dragon orb duty for KJ tonight!”. Doh! I was hoping to come back for a less stressful raiding job. More like making food, water, and spamming Frostbolts. We only had M’uru and Kil’jaeden left after their Tuesday raid.

We cleared to M’uru, and I was put on full-time DPS on M’uru. Hurray for not being on adds! We one-shotted M’uru with less than half the raid alive. No caster trinket. Then off to KJ.

An example of what NOT to do during Sunwell

Don’t worry, I only did this just for the screenshot. Notice the skilling up in Bejeweled while still DPSing. Pure Skillz!

There are two mobs on the way to KJ’s room. Two Void Reaver mobs that have similar abilities as that Void Reaver World Boss (I can’t think of the name right now). These two mobs happen to kill more raid members than most bosses in Sunwell for us (not including KJ).

I was a bit rusty when we started our attempts on Kil’jaeden, and even missed timed the Blue Shield… twice! (sorry guys). Then as the dragon controller, I have to deal with shield placement. I put up the shield and Player A from side A tells me I was too far away. Okies no problem. Next attempt I move a bit closer and put up shield. Player B from side B now tells me that I was too far from him. /sigh

We did however finally saw Phase 4 for the first time, and I was able to control the second Dragon Orb for the first time. From what I saw, the raid had to deal with a whole lot of falling rocks of fire, moving to avoid them, all while doing what they’ve been doing for the first 3 phases. I on the other hand am flying around as Puff the Magic Dragon, immune to all damage, watching as the raid members get killed off, one by one.

We’ve now got him down to 40%! We have 10 days left to kill him before the last patch before Wrath comes out. At that time, he will be either way too easy to kill, or way too difficult to even bother.

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