Kalecgos: Decursing Extravaganza

Tuesday was my first time in a fresh Sunwell Plateau and it was quite the experience. It was like a mixture of Zul’Aman and Black Temple. The trashmobs are similar to Black Temple when clearing to Illidari Council and the scouts that to alert other guards on the way to the Dragonhawk boss.

Instead of a giant robot shooting arcane beams, they shoot fire beams. Instead of groups of mobs consisting of Paladins, Rogue, Priest, and Mages, the group consists of Warlock, Warriors, Priest, and Mages. Instead of alerting guards, they alerted giant robots.

It was about thirty to forty-five minutes of trash before we got to Kalecgos, but we got an epic Polearm to drop from trash mobs for our troubles!


You may recognise Kalecgos from you runs through Magesters’ Terrace. He is the npc that appears after you click on the orb after the second boss. When he is in his half-elven form, he goes by the name Kalec.

“I thought he was a good guy?” That is correct, he is actually being corrupted by Sathrovarr the Corruptor, one of Kil’jaeden’s servants. So you are trying to free Kalecgos from the evil clutches of Kil’jaeden.

“Another dragon being controlled again…” Yea, but it is a lot fun. I gotta hand it to Blizzard for coming up with another fun and exciting fight. I would say it is a mix of Archimonde and Twin Emperors, with a bit of C’thun.

You start off fighting Kalecgos in his dragonform, spread out all around him. Every thirty seconds, he will cast Spectral Blast on a random raid member, which teleports that person into the Spectral Realm, and leaves behind a Spectral Portal where that person used to be standing. Other raid members can take this portal to help the raid member that got teleported.

In the Spectral Realm you can see Kalec in his half-elven form fighting Sathrovarr, trying to regain control of himself. You will help Kalec take down his demonic opponent while in this realm. You will automatically be ported back after 60 seconds. Spectral Realm gives off the effect like you get when you use Invis.

Oh yea, I forgot, while in the Spectral Realm, Sathrovarr will cast a Curse of Boundless Agony on a random target. “Easy, just decurse right?” Here’s the hard part. Everytime you decurse someone, it automatically jumps to the nearest raid member. So the tricky part is decursing it off targets that are about to get ported back to the dragon, to keep the curses contained in the Spectral Realm.

So its pretty much two fights going on at the same time. Also, you have to pretty much take down Sathrovarr down first, and the dragonform Kalecgos must go down shortly after. If you take down the Kalecgos first, it will stun him for a period of time, but he will no longer teleport players to the Spectral Realm, meaning there is no way of getting players in to dps down Sathrovarr, and he will probably kill Kalec, thus ending the fight.

Towards the end of the fight, there are usually a ton of Curses flying around, and most likely has leaked out into the dragon area due to someone with the Curse being ported back. The curses will be all over the place, and Mages will be doing nothing but decursing and bouncing Curses around. Very fun encounter indeed.

Loots? [Bracers of the Forgotten Conqueror] x 2, [Bracers of the Forgotten Vanquisher], [Dragonscale Encrusted Longblade] and [Badge of Justice] x 2.

See that dead Mage at the bottom right? Thats me!

Off to Brutallus! After about two or three trash mob pulls, we are shown a spectacular fight between Brutallus and Madrigosa, with the Pit Lord eventually winning. Why couldn’t we join in to help? We were confined behind a wall of Ice (probably put up by Madrigosa herself, to prevent us from harm), and can only spectate the fight. After Brutallus has fallen his opponent, he faces the raid, blast the ice wall away (blowing us away as well), and invites us down for a brawl.


We tried a different strategy this time for Brutallus, tweaking our old strategy a bit to give melee dps a better position so they don’t have to move as much, thus giving them more time to dps. It didn’t work out too well, and we’ll probably go back to our old strategy on Thursday.

I wish I knew about the fight scene with Brutallus and Madrigosa beforehand so I could Fraps it for you. I’ll get one next week if I remember :)

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  • manbearpig said:

    WoW grats on the kill. The fight sounds like a ton of fun! Please keep up with Sunwell progress so we can follow along. I know that I won’t be able to see any of this content, so you could show me :)


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