Kil’jaeden: The Deceiver

Kil’jaeden down! And it only took one patch to make every class overpowered to do it too!

To tell you the truth, I REALLY wanted to get him down before the Echoes of Doom patch, but glad to have finally kill the Deceiver himself, Kil’jaeden… well… his avatar.

You see, you don’t actually KILL Kil’jaeden, you just prevented him from entering into Azeroth through the portal. The portal was opened by Kael’thas, and he is using the power of the Sunwell to do so. You can read more about in my Anveena post awhile ago.

Well as you fight him and progress through the different phases. During the last phase, Anveena, who’s energy has been getting drained to summon Kil’jaeden, helps out the raid along with Kalecgos. During the final stages of the fight, she sacrifices herself to destroy the portal, pushing Kil’jaeden back through to where he came from.

Good thing Kil’jaeden was nice enough to drop his necklace and some nice loot before he went home! He’s a pretty nice guy after all. Here is our loot for the first kill.

Phat Loots:

Sadly I didn’t get any loot out of it. That cloak is very nice, and I hope to get it next time.

After Kil’jaeden is gone, Prophet Velen and Lady Liadrin shows up. Velen is the Leader of Exodar, and Lady Liadrin used to reside at Silvermoon, now you can see her pleading her case to A’dal. Prophet Velen then uses the remaining spark from M’uru to restore the power of the Sunwell.

All that is left after they leave is just Kalecgos, who is left to mourn the lost of his love, Anveena. Poor Kalecgos.

Well I didn’t receive any loots, but I haz achievements!

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  • Tachyon said:

    Congratulations, must be a good feeling to have the content clear before the expansion hits :)

    Btw, have you also noticed massive misses on the WE’s Waterbolts? We killed Brutallus yesterday (guild first) and when analyzing the combat log afterwards I was surprised to see that the WE didn’t get any +hit from me at all. Do you know if that change was rejected or was this only planned for the expansion?


  • Tuna (Author) said:

    Thanks! :)

    Yea I noticed it too. At the moment, I am at 163 Spell Hit (~99%). On the WWS for our Brutallus kill, I had 1% miss, which I expected, but my Water Elemental had a 16.5% miss rate, which shows me that he didn’t receive any of my Spell Hit at all. I haven’t seen much information on this lately. Hopefully it will be addressed soon.

  • Euripedes said:

    Itsa bugged!

    Last word from Blizzard about it (which was about a week before patch 3.0 went live) was “We’ll look into it”.

    Euripedess last blog post..Ladies and Gentlemen… Fasten Your Seatbelts

  • Herc said:

    Gratz on the kill! We also just got KJ down. We got the Orange bow so we were pretty pumped about that too. Of course clearing BC content is awesome but I think some of us are more hyped about the achievement lol? Now to find a group to finish up ZA for Outland Raider achievement … pst

    Hercs last blog post..Kil’Jaeden = DEAD


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