Blah! Entropius to 50%

Well now with the recent nerf to M’uru/Entropius encounter in Patch 2.4.3, we have seen Phase 2 of the fight a few times. And still, each and every time the fight goes into Phase 2, I am in awe of how stunning the encounter is, when the room lights up, with particle effects flying everywhere in the room. It is truly a magnificent show.

Here are some screenshots of Phase 2 from Nihilum’s website:

The hardest part of the fight is getting the transition from Phase 1 to Phase 2. We have to time it perfectly so M’uru goes down at the same time the adds, sentinels, and voids go down. When M’uru dies, no more waves of adds join the battle. But any bad timing will result in adds running in, right before M’uru dies, which will result in fighting Entropius while dealing with the new waves of adds.

Phase 2 again is a straight DPS race while avoiding void zones and a spiraling ball of death. I know for sure we have the DPS for it, it’s just the transitioning to Phase 2, and the staying alive part that we are having trouble with.

M’uru/Entropius down this Sunday? Oh I hope so. Stay tuned for incoming killshots!

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