PTR Patch 3.2 Testing: Frostbolts and Mounts and Titles, Oh My!

I had some time over the weekend to play around for a little bit on the Public Test Realm. Mainly to see how fast my new Frostbolts are, but I stumbled upon other discoveries. Changes to Mounts and changes to Titles!

Empowered Frostbolt

So we know that Frost Mages will be getting a PvE buff with the cast time reduction to Frostbolt with Empowered Frostbolt. There have been a few questions about how much Haste Rating you would now need with the new talent change.

Left: Frostbolt with 600 Haste —– Right: 600 Haste w/ Icy Veins

Yay more math!

Haste Rating needed at level 80 = ((Base Cast Time / Desired Cast Time) – 1) * 32.79 * 100

((2.3 / 2.0) – 1 ) * 32.79 * 100 = 491.85 Haste Rating is what you will need to obtain a 2.0 second Frostbolt with the new Empowered Frostbolt. Not much at all! Time to start stealing those Spell Power + Haste Rating gear from those healing Priests. Just remember to be nice and stay away from gear with mp/5 m’kay?


I noticed something weird on my tool tip as I was mounting up on the PTR. It said “Instant” for my Headless Horseman Mount! Sadly it wasn’t instant-cast, but it did only take 1.5 seconds now. Then I tested other mounts. All mounts, flying and ground, was all at a 1.5 second cast time.


I never had a problem with the currently 3.0 second cast for mounts but I’m not complaining. The real question now for Alliance Mages in Ironforge is: Mount or Blink to the Auction House from the Bank?!?

This will require some more extensive testing on the PTR. Any Mages that would like to contribute to the research, feel free to do so.

Player Titles

Another thing I noticed on the PTR was that when you go to change your title, it no longers show the entire list on the drop-down box. The drop-down box will only show 6 of the titles at a time, and you will need to scroll through the list to find the title you want.

Left: Currently Live —– Right: Patch 3.2 PTR

I’m not liking this new change. For me, I can scan through the list with my eyes to find the title I want, faster than scrolling through the list with my mouse. I guess this change will be for the better though as more and more titles are obtainable, and the list will just fill the screen from top to bottom.

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  • krizzlybear said:

    I should also mention that, for the most part, a lot of cloth gear that has haste on it has spirit as well. This goes a long way towards building up your critical strike rating thanks to molten armor. At higher levels, the scaling will definitely benefit from this itemization plan. All the more reason to start making friends with the priests in your guild, so that they can have an easier time forgiving you for outrolling/outbidding them on their drops.

    And agreed, picking mp5 = asking for a tongue-lashing!

  • Mae said:

    I like the mount change. I’m not very patient. I’m with you, though, I’m not much for the title change. I think it’s good to have it all laid out the way it is now. Having too scroll is just extra, unnecessary, work!

    I also wanted to say that when 3.2 goes live, you’ll be able to get a pet from the Northrend Children’s Week and a pet from the vendor, Breanni, in Dalaran. That would be the 2 you need for your salt lick! You had mentioned on my blog that you were two away. I’m still like 10 away, but I’m going to start the grind for some of them soon, as I have nothing else to do just now.

    All in all, I’m looking forward to 3.2 launching! So many new pets! So many new raptors to farm for!

  • DeePZ said:

    I actually want to know if Blinking is faster than Mounting and riding over. You know what though, even if Mounting will be fastr, I’m still gonna use my blink :)