Another Dwarf Mage!?

Awhile back, I wrote about how it was possible to become a Dwarf Mage by getting the Transporter Malfunction. There is another way, and this time it doesn’t involve shady Goblin or Gnomish Engineering mishaps. This time it will involve Dark Iron Dwarves and alcohol!

Step 1: Get to the Grim Guzzler

My personal favorite (and easiest) way to get there is by using the [Direbrew's Remote] which you could get during the Brewfest Event. Either use it yourself, or group up with someone who has it, and use their tunneling machine.

Or take the really long way and go through Blackrock Depths from the beginning of the instance and make your way to the Grim Guzzler. Either way, just get here.

Step 2: Get the Dark Iron Brewer Drunk

Make your way around the Grim Guzzler until you find a smokey area where the Dark Iron Brewer is making some drinks. Talk to him and he will give you the option to help him taste his new brew so he could perfect his recipe. Keep talking to him and keep selecting the option to have another taste. Eventually he will get all groggy (as will you) and stop. I think he passes out too.

Step 3: Loot the Dire Brew

Now look closely at the ground near him, and a mug will appear. Loot it! You now have a mug of [Dire Brew]. The mug can be looted many times, but many people, but the item itself is Unique. So chug one down and pick up a new one before you leave!

Step 4: Drink Up


The buff lasts an hour, and doesn’t go away upon entering combat. Also upon loading into different zones while having the buff, you will sometimes change from female to male, or vice versa.

While in Dark Iron Dwarf form, your gear appearance will be set depending if you are wearing Cloth, Leather, Mail, or Plate. Your weapons however will remain the same. Yes this is obtainable and usable by both factions. Enjoy!

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