Echoes of Doom: The Aftermath

Patch 3.0.2 was released last night, and like any big patch night, it was chaotic. But at the same time, what you witnessed last night is a taste of what to expect on opening day for when Wrath of the Lich King hits a month from now.

With the latest patch, there was a lot of new stuff to play with. I would have made a post sometime yesterday, but I was busy messing around on WoW. There were new Talents, new Skills, new Features, and new Problems. You can view the latest patch notes here. Here is a rundown on a few of my experiences last night.

Server Stability:

“Emergency Server Shutdown in 15 Minutes” Pretty much sums it up. It even ended a good night of raiding for us as we were making our way through the Sunwell Plateau at record breaking time.

New Talents:

I went with all 61 Points into the Frost Tree and came up with a good PvE/PvP Build. I had a lot of fun with this spec, and was doing very good DPS.

New Skills:

As an Alchemist, I learned [Mixology] which pretty much gave me 4 hour Flask times, and 2 hour Elixir times. It only applies to Flasks and Elixirs which you can make yourself though.

I also dropped my Enchanting profession and picked up Inscription. So did half the players on the server probably. The little room in Stormwind was jam packed full of people crushing herbs, and creating scrolls and glyphs. Herb prices went through the roof.

As a Mage, we got new a Rank Frostbolt, Arcane Missiles, and Fireball (I think).


While leveling my Inscription, I learned how to create a few Glyphs for Mages. Currently we are allowed to use 2 Major Glyphs, and 3 Minor Glyphs. Right now I am using: [Glyph of Evocation], [Glyph of Arcane Explosion], and [Glyph of the Penguin].


A WHOLE lot easier now with the new talents. Everyone is doing a ton more damage, tanks are taking less damage, bosses are dying faster. Kalecgos was at 50% before the first portal, Brutallus which is normally a 6 minute fight, died in 3 minutes. Felmyst died before the 3rd flying phase.

Our raiding night ended early however due to an “Emergency Server Shutdown”.

Mods/User Interface:

Most likely your UI will be broken and half your mods won’t be working. For me, my chat wasn’t working, and I could not see anything being said in /say, /party, /yell, /raid, /bg, /guild, /channels, nothing. Disabled all my mods, still nothing. I had to wipe out my UI completely and delete my WTF folder and rebuild my UI from scratch. /cry

This was probably the most painful thing about the new patch.

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  • Mike said:

    How did you learn Mixology? It looks like a Northrend-only thing…

  • willie said:

    Tuna, had the same issue with chat as you did. It is a lib file in your addon folder all I did was remove it and all was fine.

  • Adamantine said:

    @Mike: Unlike the bonuses for Mining, Herbalism, and Skinning, you have to actually go to the alchemy trainer to train Mixology.

    Utada, how are you finding Frost performing on those raids, comparatively? Are you having any mana issues? I grabbed the Mage Armor glyph this morning, and am pleased with it so far, but hate spending a slot on it.

  • Tuna (Author) said:

    @ willie

    Thanks, I’ll give that a try.

    @ Adamantine

    Frost is doing very well in raids. I didn’t pick up Clearcasting and still had zero mana problems. I managed to pull off 2.8k DPS on Brutallus last night, same as our Fire Mage. Mages were doing more DPS than Warlocks. Rogues were doing over 3k DPS. You should be fine with Molten Armor, so grab the Glyph for that when you can instead.

  • Zarathustra said:

    I tried raiding as frost yesterday as well, and the amount of mana gained through the fight is ridiculous. Even on Kaz’rogal (MH boss with mana drain debuff) I didn’t have any mana problems, though I had to use both mana pot and mana gem.

    And aoe’ing as frost is lovely, with about 1.2k spell damage buffed I was doing peeking at 11k dps on the trash waves :)

  • aju said:

    Do you have Quest helper or Fubar (questfu addon)? I have the same issue and when I disabled these 2 the text was able to pop up in my text bok.

  • Tuna (Author) said:

    @ aju

    I did have those at the time. Thanks for the heads up!

  • willie said:

    And FYI, if any of you also have a hunter alt and running Pet Emote it will hose your chat big time!