Winter Veil Kiss Trick

Winter Veil has begun in the World of Warcraft, and this opens up an opportunity to unlock more achievements. Over at /hug there is an excellent guide to all the achievements of Winter Veil. Be sure to check that out if you need a point in the right direction on where to start.

Now there are a few achievements which you have to rely on a bit of chance to do, much like the “A Mask for all Occasions” achievement during Hallow’s End. They are:

To get the [Handful of Snowflakes] and [Mistletoe], you need to /kiss a Winter Reveler located at any Inn. The only problem is you may only kiss once per hour, and you may get [Fresh Holly] instead.

You only need 10 x Handful of Snowflakes for the first achievement, and 9 x Mistletoe (3 if you’re Horde) for the second achievement. So you have plenty of time to complete them before the end of the event, since you get 5 of the item if you do happen to get them.

But for those of you who happen to miss most of the event and only have a few days left, or just want to get them out of the way as soon as possible, there is a macro you can use that allows you to kiss the Winter Reveler twice, giving you twice the chance to get the item you need.

Double Kiss Trick

First you make the following macro:


Go to any Inn where you will find two Winter Reveler (one male, one female). Target one of the Revelers, then target the other Reveler. Use the macro. You will receive two debuffs as well as two items.

Thanks to the person who emailed me this trick and wishes to remain anonymous. I tried it out myself and it worked fine for me. But with any WoW trick, it shouldn’t be abused just in case big brother is watching. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. I only did it once and was able to get the last batch of snowflakes and mistletoe I needed to complete my achievements.

Also note that the [Handful of Snowflakes] are not soulbound, and my be traded or mailed to any player. You can use your alts to send you some if you need, or you can help out a guildie if you are done and have extras.

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  • OrEoZ said:

    This trick is a godsend for players who can only find a few hours a week to play. I can’t log on every hour to kiss the reveler everytime the debuff wears off. For the first day I’ve only kiss them twice, and got fresh holly both times. Second day only once and got five mistletoes.

    Then I saw this trick and tried it out. It works! I got fresh holly and another stack of mistletoe! I got the Bros. achevement done, and hopefully I will be able to get the snowflake achievement done sometime in the near future. Thanks Tuna!

  • Mae said:

    Happy Winter Veil, Tuna!! Hope you’re having a great holiday season, both in game and out. Thanks for the hint on the double kiss trick, gonna have to try it out!

    Maes last blog post..I, Shadow Priest: Confessions of an ex-Mage

  • Muckbeast said:

    Tuna, I’d like to hear your general opinion of holiday events like these. I recently wrote a blog post about the issue in general over at Muckbeast.

    Muckbeast – Game Design and Virtual Worlds


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