Achievements Are More Fun With a Partner

My name is Tuna, and I am an Achievement-aholic. Chances are, if you are reading this blog, the evil Achievement system also has a hold of you. You want to do them. You don’t know why. You see a list, you want to start scratching stuff off of it. You see an objective, you want to complete it. Problem is, they are boring to do alone.


Do what I do, sucker a buddy to follow you on your quest to waste time in Azeroth.

Where to find one?

Find someone whom you already spend a majority of your time on WoW playing with. Leveling buddy? Questing buddy? Instance buddy? Any of those will do.

For me, it was my friend whom I did dailies with. We’d sign on, do all the Argent Tournament dailies, fishing dailies, cooking dailies, Oracle/Wolvar dailies, and maybe heroic/regular dungeon dailies.

At first we’d do dailies pretty much everyday, but it did get boring pretty fast. Once you reach a certain part in some of the dailies, you start skipping out on a few. Once we got our 100 x [Dalaran Cooking Award] and bought our [Chef's Hat], we pretty much stop doing cooking dailies. Once we got Exalted with BOTH Wolvar AND Oracle, we only stop by once every 7 days for the [Mysterious Egg].

The only thing keeping me from not doing the Argent Tournament are the mounts and pets I still want to get. Once I get them, chances are I would probably stop doing them too- even though I’m always low on gold.

How to trick them?

If they are already an Achievement addict, it will be as simple as just asking. Not addict yet, give them a taste. After a long day of questing/dailies/leveling, ask them to help you with an achievement. Or ask them to do a quick achievement together. After a few “achievement gong!” sounds, they’ll be hooked in no time.

For me, laziness actually helped me get an achievement partner. Pretty much everyday, a question is ask, “You wanna do dailies?”. I know that every time I ask it, I’m half hoping that she would say, “Nah” so I won’t have to. I’m pretty sure when she asks me, shes thinking the same thing. We’re both lazy like that.

I already knew she was an Achievement addict so I knew this wasn’t going to be hard. She’s crazy enough to get the Higher Learning achievement on like 4 of her alts. FOUR!!!

So I came up with the idea of, “Everyday we do dailies OR at least one achievement”. Hmm… 2-3hrs of dailies or less than an hour to do an achievement? Easy choice. Snagged me an Achievement partner.

What achievements to aim for?

For easy ones, you could to the Exploration achievements, or the Classic Dungeons achievements if you want something quicker.

For harder ones, depending on your class, and your partner’s class, you could tackle the Outland Dungeons. With me on my Mage, and my partner as a Mage, we were able to do most of the regular Outland instances without a tank. If you were a tank/healer combo, I’m sure you won’t have any problem with any of the instances.

Just pace yourself, or you’ll run out of easy achievements like us. I think we just started down a really insane achievement which I don’t think we should have started now… more on that later.

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