October 2008 Stats

Spicytunas broke 45,000 page views for the month of October. The amount of readers are steadily increasing, and there was a big jump in page views, thanks mostly to the release of the newest World of Warcraft patch, The Echoes of Doom.

Thanks again to everyone for continuing to visit the site. Maybe the site can hit 50,000 page views next month? I shall set that as my end goal for the end of the year.

Here is a look at the top referrers to the site for last month. My top referrer is Zereissen from Of Light and Fury. It is also nice to see that I have been linked from the forums of WoWHead and MMO-Champion.

Top search terms for October are listed here. Soul Eater continues to be a big search term for the site. Sorry there hasn’t been any episode updates lately. Hopefully soon that will start up again. The rest of the search terms are made up of Mage and Wrath of the Lich King terms.

The Wrath posts continue to be the most popular posts overall. The Mage Glyph post was the most popular one. I am also glad to see that my Spell Rotation posts were a big hit. My Upcoming Anime posts have also been seeing a lot of action lately, which reminds me that I still haven’t done a Fall write-up yet, and Winter is quickly approaching. So I’ll have those up soon too hopefully.

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