November 2008 Stats

There has been a lack of posts lately, as well as a decline in readers, and the reason why is: The Wrath of the Lich King. Everyone is playing more WoW now, and have less and less time to visit blogs. I know I have a few blogs to catch up on, and my feed reader has been accumulating a ton of posts. I should be back on track… “as soon as I finish this heroic”.

Our top referrer for the month of November is everyone’s favorite Hunter Blog: BigRedKitty. Big thanks to BRK and everyone else who have linked to me.

Here are the search terms for the month of November. More searches for Soul Eater, and more for WotLK Mage stuff. I swear I’ll get on that soon. “As soon as I finish this heroic…”

My Mage Talents, Spell Rotations, and Quest Rewards posts have gotten a lot of views lately since the release of The Wrath of the Lich King. I should have an updated Talent Tree post in the near future.

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