September 2008 Stats

Here is a look at how the blog has progressed ever since I started Spicytunas. I started writing in January, and kept it “private” until I had written a few things. It wasn’t until February til I changed it and made it “public” and started off with a whopping 50 page views! It picked up very well from then on.

On March, the site broke 6000 page views. The next month we were introduced by BigRedKitty himself, and I owe him big time for pretty much 75% of all the readers today. The next month died down a bit, all the Hunters who visited and had no use for a Mage/Gaming/Anime blog, stopped coming. The rest of the readers who visited and enjoyed their stay, kept coming back, and the blog continued to grow steadily.

Last month Spicytunas hit over 34,000 page views, and I would like to thank everyone who has visited, and have continued to keep coming back for more. “Writing for myself” had always been reason enough to keep this blog going, the fact that there are thousands of other people reading and enjoying my writing, is extra motivation to keep writing.

Here is a look at the top Referrers for the site. Pretty much a list of “how” some readers found their way to the site. Funny how the top three happens to be a Hunter, Warlock, and Druid blog. I also see many people still going to the old wordpress site.

I’ve also been linked from a few Guild forums, but I could never see unless I was a registered Guild member. It has always made me curious of what they have been saying.

Thanks to everyone on this list (and many more listed further down but not shown) who have me listed on their site.

Here is a list of Search Terms used to find the site. You can see a majority of them are for Soul Eater, or WotLK search terms.

And lastly, here are the top posts of last month. The WotLK posts have dominated the entire month, but its good to see my old Ghost Hit, and Spell Haste posts still getting some love. Also, many of the Brutallus posts have been seeing a lot of action lately.

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