Achievements are Evil

Achievements make you play a lot more than you would normally. They make you do ridiculous things, just so that it says you did it, on a list. They make you waste an enormous amount of time you could have spent being productive elsewhere. Achievements are evil, and it was a smart move on Blizzard’s part to add it into the game.

I’ve had my experience with an Achievement system already with XBoxLive. I played games over and over again trying to unlock achievements. No matter how crappy the game was, I would keep playing it until I could unlock most of the achievements. It really added a lot of replay values to every game.

Then it starts getting competitive. You start comparing achievements with your friends and online buddies, and try to unlock every achievements they have, as well as unlocking some that you would thing that they wouldn’t be able to unlock. Next thing you know, you’re renting all these games from the video store, just for the achievements. Just so that you will have more achievements unlocked than xXsephiroth314Xx and cl0ud4lyfe225.

My next project achievement to unlock…

Now with the Achievement system implemented with the last patch, World of Warcraft has taken up even more of my time. Even when there are no reward for the achievements, I still end up doing just to do it. I would sign on, and there would be players looking for groups to do Vanilla WoW raids. Half your guildmates are soloing old dungeons. Every 30 minutes or so, an achievement message pops up announcing that one of your guildies had just caught 1000 fishes, or obtained the Leroy Jenkins title.

Every time I log on now, first thing I do is open up my Achievement window, and plan out which achievement to hit up next. Currently I was in the exploration mood, and probably because it was one of the easiest to complete, but most time consuming. It also coincided with the Hallow’s End achievements too, so might as well do them now.

So far I have 2496 Achievement Points, and there are still many more for me to complete. Achievements are evil, and they change the way you play the game. I’ve fished in an opposing factions city, and died many times. I’ve killed over 50,000 horde, and now they’re making me kill 50,000 more.

Achievements are evil, and I can’t stop doing them…

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  • willie said:

    Well Tuna for the high dive Achievement the best spot I found is at the new Stormwinds harbor. Just hop on your mount and jump right off the top level and pop Ice block before you hit the ground, works every time.

  • Larísa said:

    I feel sorry for you… :)
    I don’t know what it is with me but I don’t feel the attraction of them at all. Maybe I’ve played too few other games to see the charm.
    I’ll see how long this resistence I’ve got will last, but for now it feels like I’m pretty safe from the fever.

  • TXSundevil said:

    No one is safe!!! Just when you think you are exempt from the pull of them, they will tack on some sort of reward for points, or a title or a flashy new mount. I was pretty much, “meh” about the halloween stuff, but then i saw the proto reward at the end of all the world events…..cripes now I have to hunt down all those masks. I to was introduced to achievments via Xbox Live. At times they are tedious, but even if no one else cares….its kindda nice to get that little visual pat on the back everytime you do something. Like Tuna pointed out, they sure eat up a lot of my regular play time lately….but I find myself going to bed thinking, well at least I got my Know Thy Enemy Achievment……ZzzzZZzzzzzz.


  • Bunnyfer said:

    Ahh…I too have been sucked in by achievments. There is just something about them

    Bunnyfers last blog post..My thoughts on Paladins after 3.0.2

  • Gnomeaggedon said:

    I am being slow roasted by Achievements.

    I know I wrote a while back how as a casual player the last thing I needed (and would do) is fill time with pointless tasks.. after all, I don’t have spare time.

    No days I don’t look at my quest log, ignore guild calendar and whispers, refuse to take down MH, refuse to do anything UNLESS it’s pointless…. ohhh sad Gnome…. sad, sad Gnome.

    Ahhh well, just need the wands for Hallows End, and a few area discoveries, and solo all the lowbie instances, and catch fish, and Arrrrghhhh…. I need an authenticator that I can give to my wife so I don’t play anymore…

    Gnomeaggedons last blog post..Wolk and EoD Fire Mage Specs

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