A Few Goals Completed Before Wrath

I sure did accomplish a lot of stuff that I’ve put off when I realized Wrath of the Lich King was being released today. While everyone was out stockpiling mats for their professions, and doing dailies to save up gold the day before, I am finishing up some of the few goals I have set for myself.

Goal 1: Level Tuanass to 60

Remember that goofy looking Tauren from Halloween? With the Refer-a-Friend promotion running out of time soon, me and my friend decided to go back and level up some characters. Tuanass was my next target. And by “leveling” I meant have a level 70 Warrior run us through instances many many times.

The last instance we ran was a full run of Stratholme, and that took us from level 56 to 60 in a full clear and turning in a couple of quests. No Baron Mount still. Tuanass is Oomkin Spec’d, and is very fun to play.

Goal 2: Level Ayuki to 60

Remember that Mage I created to give free levels to after I got my Paladin to 60? Well she went from level 10 to 39 last time. When Tuanass hit 60, I had more free levels to give, and took her all the way to level 60!

New personal record! Leveled from 1 to 60 in less than six hours! Ayuki is another Frosty, of course.

Goal 3: Get Exaulted with Timbermaw Hold

Well this I could have gotten a long time ago, but I held off on it because I was also doing Wintersaber Trainer rep. Since you have to kill Furbolgs in Winterspring, you could just keep collecting the [Winterfall Spirit Beads] and kill two birds with one stone.

I gave up on Wintersaber rep (for now) and decided to hand in all the beads I have collected so far. Turns out that after I turned in all the beads, I was two turn-ins shy of Exaulted, so after 10 minutes of farming later, I haz exaulted.

After hitting Exaulted, you are then given a quest to defeat some demon. Upon completing the quest, you are given a trinket and a quest to turn-in to the King of Ironforge, Magni Brozebeard. Bronzebeard then tells everyone in Ironforge how much time you wasted by farming rep.

New Title, and new Pet. Utada the Diplomat, and my [Defender of the Timbermaw].

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  • magi said:

    Wow that refer a freind program is like cheating! This would be a great time to lvl up your alts now that they are 60. You can group up with the billions of DKs that will be in that area.

    Grats on Timbermaw rep. Ive always wanted teh bear trinket, yet never took the time to grind out the rep. Maybe i’ll do that when I hit 80 :)