Replaced My First Piece of Gear!

So finally at level 77, and half way to 78, I’ve found something to replace one of my pieces of gear. Ever since I’ve stepped foot onto Northrend, I’ve been choosing Plate and 2 Handed Weapons as quest rewards since they vendor for more than Cloth gear rewards. This time, while doing a instance run of Gundrak, I was able to pick up a brand new cloak, the [Shroud of Akali].

The Shroud of Akali drops off of the last boss in the instance, Gal’darah. He’s the boss that turns into a Rhino and impales you with his horn. The cloak that got replaced wasn’t Black Temple or Sunwell gear, it was from Tempest Keep. The [Royal Cloak of the Sunstrider] dropped off of Kael’thas Sunstrider, and I was actually the only person in the guild to get the cloak (it only dropped once for us). This cloak lasted me all of Mount Hyjal, Black Temple, Sunwell Plateau, AND 7.5 levels of Northrend. Really sad to see it gone. Let’s see how the new cloak stacks up against the old one.

I lost 2 Spell Power, but the Hit Rating I get more than makes up for it. Especially when I went from 12.5% Spell Hit, down to around 7.5% Spell Hit, just by simply leveling up 7 levels. The higher the level you are, the higher the Hit Rating required to equal 1% Spell Hit. More on that subject coming soon!


For the umpteenth time, the answer is: RatingBuster

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