Just Dinged 80 and Already Raiding

I just got back from visiting my parent’s house for the Thanksgiving Day Weekend, and logged on. I have been level 79 now since the Wednesday before, but haven’t had a chance to play due to the holidays. Guild message shows that there was a raid tonight for 25 man Naxxramas, The Eye of Eternity, and The Obsidian Sanctum. Ah wells, sucks for me, I’m not 80 yet.

So I join a group with a few friends and start doing some instances. After a few runs of Halls of Lightning (tank was farming for some trinket), I turned 80! I teleported back, learned a few new spells, came back and we did a few more runs of HoL. After we were bored of running this (tank still hasn’t gotten trinket), we decided to change it up and run CoT: The Culling of Stratholme. This is probably one of my favorite instances now. We go through and clear the instance, and decided to do another run. So we zone out, reset the instance and start again. Then I have a conversation with my Guild Leader.

GL: Grats on 80! How far are you in the Culling of Stratholme?
Me: Um… just started… wave 3?
GL: We need you for 25 man Eye of Eternity! Goggogogog!
Me: Eye of Eternity?!
GL: Malygos! Tell your group you are needed!
Me: Okies…

I let my buddies know that I was needed, and they brought in another friend to finish the rest of that instance. I joined the Guild Raid and was immediately summoned. Uh oh… what have I gotten myself into. They have just finished doing 25 man Naxxramas, and was ready to clear the rest of the raids that WotLK has got to offer.

I was totally not prepared. I was still wearing all of my level 70 gear with the exception of my new cloak. I was nowhere near Spell Hit capped, heck I haven’t even done ANY Heroics yet to even try to get new gear yet. I’ve only been 80 for about 2 hours now? No Flasks, no food, no knowledge of this boss fight.

GL: Everyone here has done the 10 man version, nothing new, just more adds.
Me: (wtf?) /w GL pss… I haven’t done anything yet, I just turned 80 remember?
GL: For those of you who haven’t….. (explains fight)
Me: (that was WAY too much information)

I get most of the important information about the fight down, the rest, I just have to experience it myself to see what he was talking about. Just like any new fight, I do my best to stay alive first, and worry about DPS second. Phase 1 was easy, Phase 2 was easy, Phase 3 was fun! I managed to stay alive until Phase 3 when he was almost dead, but Malygos down!

I get my Heroic: The Spellweaver’s Downfall and my Emblem of Valor achievments! No Mage loots, on to the next raid instance!

GL: The Obsidian Sanctum next, start flying there!
Me: (where the heck is that?!) *asks around*

It is located at Wyrmrest Temple in Dragonblight I was told. I flew there, looked around, couldn’t find it. I could see every raid member on my minimap, but I couldn’t find them. I flew to the top, flew to the middle, and looked around on the bottom floor. No clue where it is. I was told it was in the “basement” so I ran around some more. Maybe it was late or something, but I could not find the way there (and still don’t know how to get there). I was summoned by a Warlock soon after.

Again I was the only person in the raid with no clue about this raid (10 or 25 man) and had the strategy explained to me. “Sounds easy”, I thought to myself. We were going to kill Sartharion with 1 add alive because it was getting late. There are 3 “mini bosses” in the room, and if you kill them, Sartharion gets weaker. But if you keep them alive, the stronger he is, the harder the fight, the better the loot.

So we kept one alive, and pull the boss. I stand with the group, and DPS, getting ready for this “wave of fire” that I was told to watch out for. Then it was called out on vent, “Far side”. I see a tsunami of lava going from one side of the room, going towards the other side, with one small little break in the wave where the raid is supposed to run to, to avoid getting hit. It so happened that at that exact time, my FPS drops to one, and my screen kinda pauses for a sec, then I’m dead. Doh!

I end up watching the entire fight as the rest of the raid takes him down. He dies and I get the Heroic: Besting the Black Dragonflight and Heroic: Twilight Assist achievements.

That’s not all! I also got [Gauntlets of the Lost Vanquisher] which I turned in for [Valorous Frostfire Gloves], and [The Sanctum's Flowing Vestment].

Not a bad start for just turning 80.

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