Twilight Drake Mount

Not even two days after I got my Bronze Drake, I have already found a replacement mount. Another Drake. A bigger Drake. A way better looking Drake. A Twilight Drake. Sorry Chromie, but I just got a more pimped up ride.

Sartharion is a Dragon boss located in the Obsidian Sanctum, and he is accompanied by three other mini-boss Drakes. The raid also has a choice to change the difficulty of the Sartharion fight depending on the number of Drakes they let live.

The easiest way is to go to each of the three Drakes, killing each one separately, leaving just Sartharion by himself to fight. The hardest way is to pull Sartharion while all three Drakes are still alive, causing the raid to fight Sartharion and all three Drakes at the same time. This has been said to be the toughest 10 man and 25 man fight so far in the Wrath of the Lich King Expansion.

Killing Sartharion this way in a 10 man raid will reward one [Reins of the Black Drake] for the raid, as well as the title for everyone in the raid: “name” of the Nightfall.

Doing this in a 25 man raid will reward one [Reins of the Twilight Drake] for the raide, and another title for everyone in the raid: Twilight Vanquisher “name”.

Sunday night, we were able to defeat Sartharion with three Drakes up on Heroic (25 man). It also had to happen on the one attempt in which I died early too! We were 2nd on our server to accomplish this, 1st on Alliance side.

Everyone in the raid got their new title, as well as the Heroic: The Twilight Zone achievement.

And who did the mount go to? I won the roll with a 97! The WoW Gods have felt sorry for me, for not giving me Baron’s mount and has showered me with many other mounts instead.

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  • Rask said:

    Any chance you could do a bit of a writeup on the fight?

    It’s one of the few that haven’t been Stratted to death, and I’m kind of curious about how it works.

  • Orbitz said:

    Congratulations! What a big feat to do it seems… the two dragons that are slowing the reins in my guild are this one (with more then 1 drake up), and Malygos (since we don’t have alot of AoE Healers). If that mount was 310% I’d be drooling all over it… but until then – swift flight form ftw! :)

    Orbitzs last blog post..Obsidian Sanctum Cleared

  • Tuna (Author) said:

    @ Rask

    I don’t know the full extent of the entire fight. I only know it from the view of a Ranged DPS Class, and that I can write up a guide for (which I am working on). As far as what and how a Tank, Healer, or Melee DPS does this fight, I’m not the right person to ask for that :P

    @ Orbitz

    Thanks! Although the mount itself isn’t 310%, this achievement does work towards a 310% mount. Next on our list, is 5 minute Malygos.