Week 7/29 – Recap

World of Warcraft:

New waves of Beta Keys were given out recently, so check your emails to see if you were lucky enough to get one! Sadly I still haven’t gotten one yet. Also be careful of fake emails or scam mails. There is a nice post on the EU WoW Forums that will help you tell the difference between a real and fake email.

Also Blizzard has updated their WotLK Talent Calculator. As of right now, the calculator is up to date with the WotLK Beta Build 8719. You can find the talent calculators here at: WotLK Beta Talent Calculators

PvE Frost: 11/0/60

Right now my new Talent Build for WotLK would be something like THIS. 11 Points into Arcane for Focus Magic, and the rest into Frost.

Video Games:

I’m still tearing it up on Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Online on the PS3. I rose up in ranks, and currently at rank 4th Dan. I am surprised there are still many players out there who still play. A lot of really good players too!

Ling Xiaoyu is still my character of choice

I am hovering just above 55% for my win to loss ratio. It is getting more and more difficult as I start playing higher ranked players. I hate Eddy and Christie players.

I took a break from Person 3: FES and started playing Final Fantasy IV on the Nintendo DS. Great game too! The upgraded graphics and added voice made this old NES classic even better.

I kinda wished that my characters would let me know ahead of time when they feel like sacrificing themselves for the greater good. The advance warnings would be nice so I know to unequip some of the good pieces of armor they were wearing.

I also purchased Geometry Wars 2 when it came out a couple of days ago. It is a huge upgrade from the previous version, and it is even more chaotic. The game pushes my concentration and reaction time to the limit, and I find myself not even blinking for long periods of time.

So much stuff going on the screen, it gets difficult to survive.

Real Life:

Spicytunas.com has hit a great milestone in its blog life. We’ve reached to 100,000 marker on the number of hits (according to sitemeter) for the blog. It’s a pretty big step from when I made this blog public and moved it over to a self hosting service back in February of this year. Thanks to magi for pointing it out for me that it was approaching the mark.

Some other bloggers who also hit this milestone recently too. Ratshag of Need More Rage, and Megan of Out of Mana both hit their 100,000 mark just two weeks ago. Hrmm… on the same day, and their blog names are similar too, what a coincidence! Anyways, grats to the both of them.

Thanks again for visiting. It gives me more reason to keep doing what I enjoy doing, and hopefully you will still stick around for more.

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