Mission to get Kodo Mount: Failed

It is the last day to obtain the Brewfest Kodo Mount, and I have pretty much given up all hope. Then I get a message from my arena partner, “Tuna BRD gogogogo”. I log on and was immediately invited to the group. Ten seconds later, I was summoned. Then the following conversation:

I start the fight, and then less than two minutes later…

Lesson: Don’t kill before the Warlock has Drain Soul on it.

Or she will steal your mount…

Grats Serena! You owe me a mount next year! We’ll see if you get that Sheep next time a Rogue is on you… :)

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  • magi said:


    Why do Warlocks bring Mages so much pain?!

  • Serena said:

    no~~~~~sheep the bad rogues~~~~

  • Siha said:

    Sympathies – I really wanted a kodo too, and no joy. I did get a ram, but that’s way less cool…

    Sihas last blog post..

  • megan said:

    What do you think is worse..

    Not seeing a kodo drop even though having 5x 70’s, and running it with the same people who have at least 3x 70 alts too, every night for around 15ish times?

    Or seeing a kodo drop in a PUG, rolling a 93, then getting beat by someone with a 98.

    megans last blog post..The Transition

  • Quina said:

    That sucks that you lost it.. I didn’t see it drop until the last day brewfest was around, and then I won it. We had really low rolls that day, too. I won with a 33, next highest was a freaking 7.

    Still sorry you lost it ):

  • Tuna (Author) said:

    @ Siha

    The Ram dropped once for me, but I already had the Ram from last year’s Brewfest. Definitely not cooler than a Kodo.

    @ megan

    Ouch! Yea I kinda felt bad since I was the only person in the group who didn’t have an alt. I just stood there and played Bejeweled while they switched to their 29th alt.

    @ Quina

    Lucky! Grats to you.

  • Kinzlayer said:

    I only did the BRD fight a few times and really saw nothing but the Bar Maiden trinket dropped so meh. The only issue I have with the kodo is that now I have to really pay attention to who is actually riding that kodo to my flag as I can’t be sure it’s just a horde coming to help defend anymore.