Emblem of Heroism Dilemma

Okay so I updated to Patch 3.2, fixed my UI (that was a pain in the ass!), tried the new 5 man dungeon (do away with mounted fight part plz), and found that everyone and their mothers are doing Heroics now.

I got like five invites within the 30 minutes I was on while trying to get Quartz to work. “Why?”, I was wondering. Ooooh… they got upgraded to [Emblem of Conquest], and [Emblem of Heroism] and [Emblem of Valor] no longer drops.


Hmm… I have 137 x Emblems of Heroism still, what could I get with these? Oooh! New gems! *runs over to AH to check prices* Holy crap they’re going for around 130g each. I also have 88 x Emblems of Valor, which I can turn to Heroism, which I can turn to Gems, which I can turn to Gold!

But there was something else I had my eyes on for quite some time now, which would cost me 200 x Emblems of Heroism. The [Reins of the Wooly Mammoth]!

So here is my problem: Should I get 2,500g worth of Gems, or get the mount?

As you can see from my screenshot, I am one broke Mage. So I could use the gold and/or gems instead of buying them. Then again, I’m not raiding much anymore, so I won’t need to re-gem too often.

With the new patch, the only way to get Emblems of Heroism is to convert Conquest too Valor, then Valor to Heroism. That seems like a real waste of Conquests. So stocking up on some Epic gems now would be a good idea.

If I do that though, I might not get my chance at the mount again for quite some time. Hmm… decisions, decisions…

Right now, I’m leaning towards getting the mount. I’ll ask some of my friends to see what they think.

What do you think?

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  • Mae said:

    I’d probably go for the mount, assuming I had that many badges to begin with. I seem to be in short supply of badges since spending them to get the heirloom plate & leather shoulders for my alts. Seeing how I’m unguilded and HATE to pug, I don’t see myself with many badges in the near future. I do hope to be able to run the new heroic soon, however, though I hear the jousting is a pain in the neck!

    Good luck with whatever you decide. :)

  • Steven said:

    Why don’t you just change your Valor to Heroism and get your mount and use the left over to get a couple of gems to sell.

  • Ev8R said:

    @ Steven

    I think he’s stuck between getting/selling ~22 Epic gems vs getting 1 mount and ~2 gems.

    Tuna, go for the mount since you could always just do dailies for the gold to buy the gems. You would have to farm a ton of heroics for the mount. Get the mount while you have enough.

  • Siobhann said:

    It’s a computer game. If you want the mount, buy the mount! Gold is easy enough to come by with dailies.

    By the way, you can also get epic gems for honor in WG if you have any to spare.

  • Taltos said:

    Get the mount, unless they changed the conversion process you’ll have to click about 400 times to convert the new badges to heroic badges and thats just too annoying.

  • Duckystyle said:


    you can shift click on the badge you’re ‘buying’ and write a number, i only done it with less than 20 at a time though so don’t know if theres a limit


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