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QuestHelper is definitely one mod you must not be without if you are leveling your character. Best of all, not only does it work in Vanila WoW, and the Burning Crusade, it works for Wrath of the Lich King too! Since I haven’t had any alts (until the refer-a-friend promo) and leveled a character in awhile, I don’t know of any other alternative mods to this, but this mod is amazing. It seriously makes questing 20 times easier. No more need to alt-tab in and out to look at WoWHead or Thottbot. Everything is there for you in-game. You can download this nifty little mod here at Curse Gaming.

Simply download, unzip, and throw the folder into your addons folder. Enable the mod on your character screen, and voila, instant help with all your quests. First thing you want to look at is your map (M).

You will notice your map will start looking like an air traffic control screen with dotted lines and icons all over the place. The dotted lines or way points, are recommended paths to take to get from one quest objective to another. The mod actually looks all every quest you have in your log, and calculates the best path to take to finish all the quests.

If you keep your quest log clean, then this will save you a ton of time. But if you are and quest hog like me, and still have the “Opening the Gates of AQ” quest still saved up to be solo’d later, then your map can get pretty messy. Good thing the mod gives you the option to prioritize all your quests. Just simply put all the quest you don’t want listed as “low priority”, and your map will look a bit cleaner.

What does the Icons mean?

There is pretty much only four icons which you should worry about. They are the Blue Question Mark, the Gray Question Mark, the Box, and the Monster Face.

Blue Question Mark:

This is the Icon with the Question Mark with a Blue background, not actually a Blue Question Mark.

This will show up on the map when you have a completed quest, and will mark on the map where you go to turn in the quest. It will also show up on your mini-map.

Gray Question Mark:

This is the icon with the Question Mark with a Grey background, not actually a Gray colored Question Mark.

This will also show where you would go on the map to turn in a quest. The only difference is that you have not completed this quest yet. It will also show up on your mini-map.

When you mouse over the icons, it will give you more detail on what quest it is referring to, as well as your progress (if it can be tracked), as well as the estimated time it would take to reach that point on the map.

The Box:

This is the box or cube looking icon on the map.

This icon will show the area on the map of where you want to go to complete your objective. This is for quests which requires you to collect items.

When you scroll over the icon, again it will give you the description of the quest it pertains to, as well as the current progress of the quest.

The Monster Face:

This icon looks like a jack-o-lantern face, or a pumpkin face on the map.

It will show you where you need to go on the map to find the mobs you need to kill are located. This is for quests which require you to kill an X amount of mobs or a single target.

Scrolling over the icon on the map will also give you the description of the quest it is pertaining to, as well as the current progress of the given quest.

How do you know what target to kill?

Another great function this mob has, is when you target the correct mob after going to the location specified on the map, it will tell you on the tooltip if it is the correct mob. If it is a gathering or kill X amount quest, it will also track the current progress for that mob for the quest it pertains to.

What about the party members?

I don’t have a screenshot of it currently (will add in later today maybe), but it will actually track the progress of all the party members currently on the same quests as you. For players running the same mod, it will actually show what other quests they have, and the progress they have on those quests as well! No more, “How many more tusks do you need left?”

How much memory will it use?

This is actually the only negative thing about the mod. It uses quite a bit of memory to run as expected. This doesn’t concern me much cause there won’t be much going on while questing (Not nearly as much going on like during raids), so it won’t bog down your computer much. You might want to restart your WoW client every hour or two of straight questing. It does build up pretty quickly.

What are the commands?

/qh – Displays a list of command options.
/qh ants – Toggles the dotted lines.
/qh hide – Toggles the minimap arrow and addon icons and paths on the world map.

Again, this is a great addon, and I highly recommend it to all of you out there leveling in Northrend right now. It will save you a ton of time. It did for me, hope you find this mod useful too.

Any questions, comments, or addition information to add, let me know!

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  • shrinkedge said:

    well, originally I had typed out a very detailed and grammatically correct response of things i think people should know, but my internet at work is aweful and it crashed and i lost everything… so now you can get the semi irritated and less grammaticaly correct version of what i originally wrote

    1.) Vista users- Download the curse client and run it as Administrator. Most mods wont work unless you do this. Should save you the hassel of trying to figure this out yourself.

    2.) If you PUG groups for instances while questing like i do and say you only have 3 of 5 so you keep on questing until its a full group, you will notice all of the group memebers quests show up on your map. If you dont realize what happened you will end up running all over and killing a bunch of mobs you dont need to and wasting a lot of time. Simply type /qh solo this will disable all group members quests and show yours only.

    i hope this helps

  • WhoopinYe said:

    Great review! I love this mod. Just a warning that once you start using it there’s no going back. It was broken for the first couple days after patch 3.0.2 and I literally had to relearn how to do quests without it. It works great now though, and if you send in your data that it collects as you go every so often it will only get more accurate.

    WhoopinYes last blog post..How I keep travel time down

  • Mae said:

    My husband LOVES quest helper. I tried quest helper, I used it for one level and deleted it. I just couldn’t deal with all the spam all over my map, lol. It is a good add-on, a lot of people I know use it. I’ve been using TomTom and Lightheaded, which I love. I could never quite comprehend all the colored symbols all over the map, but while I had it, it was very helpful!

  • Garrandor said:

    the most important questhelper command is this:

    /qh perf 0.3

    Which makes it use only a max of 30% of the cpu it would otherwise, which stops it from lagging you to hell at nasty times.

    It does mean it may take a second to put up a waypoint for you though

  • Chris @ Gaming Weapons said:

    Thanks for the command, it really does help.

    Chris @ Gaming Weaponss last blog post..Roccat Kone Wheel Problems Fixed In V2?

  • tonia said:

    i am wondering why i cant see my party members quests in northrend. i can see them anywhere else so its not like i have it disabled or soemthing. any suggestions?

  • Dravenia said:

    What do the grey circles with the upside down” V ” mean? Some of the quests show up with these. Thx


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