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Penny ArcadeI have some more User Interface goodness for ya. I recieved alot of questions about my chat windows. Especially on how I did my combat log and what I did to make it show two different combat logs.

I use seven chat tabs total to make it easier to see information that I want to see.

Four of them are at the bottom left, which I access each one individually through the tabs. They are [1] General Chat, /yell, /say, [2] Guild Chat, [3] Trade Channel, and [4] Loot / Exp / Skillup. I did this because General Chat and all the talking in the city can get distracting, so I can just change my tab over to Guild Chat, which I have in a seperate tab so I won’t miss anything important in Guild. Trade channel is seperate to make it alot easier to see any requests or people selling anything you want. Loot tab is what I have it on during raids so I won’t get distracted by General or Guild chat. Plus I can see who got what loot.

Above that I have Party Chat, Raid Chat, Whispers, and Private Channels, all in one. It makes it so that I can see everything I need during raids/pvp. I can see raid warnings, and announces in “mage chat” such as counterspell rotations, without the danger of missing it like I would if I had the normal chat interface.

On the right side I have my Combat Logs. On the top I have Incoming Damage, and under that I have Outgoing Damage. I also have it so it only shows damage done to me or my pet, and damage only me and my pet does. I really have no need to see all the combot log spams of damage done by 15+ other players while I’m raiding.

The mod I use for all the chat windows is called ChatMOD and you can download it at Curse.com. With that mod it can add class color to each person’s name or even put their level before the name in the chat window. Also, you can get rid of the scroll tab on the left side of each chat window, and have it so you can use your mouse wheel to scroll through the chat window. The option menu for this mod is pretty straight foward so you won’t have any problems setting it up the way you want it.

Chat Window

For my combat log window, I use simpleCombatLog. You can find it at WoWAce.com. It will add color to the spell damage that you do depending on element. It also makes it so that it is easier to read what is going on by adding brackets the damage dealer and reciever. You can also set it up to show only the damage that you do and recieve, and ignore all other damage.

Combat Log

Setting up this mod is a little bit trickier. By Alt+right clicking the tab of the chat frame you want, it will bring up an option menu. simpleCombatLog sets up each window tab seperately so you can have two different combat logs if you want like how I have it. First option you can change is Event, which is: Your damage taken/recieved, Party damage taken/recieved and so on. Next you can Filter out Heals, Gains, Drains, Casting and others from your combat log. So if you don’t want it to show, “You cast Frostbolt on .” every single time you cast it, you can filter it out here. The Colors option is pretty straight foward. The Formats option is where you can change how the message comes out. For example: [You] Frostbolt [Monkey] 2436, can be changed to, [You] Frostbolt for 2436 on [Monkey] if you wanted to.

My combat log is what took the most time for me to mess around with until I got it to display everything that I wanted it to.

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