Frost Mage PvE: Ignis the Furnace Master


Ignis the Furnace Master is the second boss encounter in Ulduar and can be found in the Colossal Forge.” –

Although he is considered the second boss by many players, attempts can be made on Ignis anytime after The Flame Leviathan has been defeated. Both Normal and Heroic modes strategies are the same, with the exception of taking more damage in Heroic mode. Also in Heroic mode, he will create constructs more often than normal mode.

Also like, Razorscale, Ignis is an optional boss, and is not required to killed to gain access to The Antichamber of Ulduar.

Boss Stats:

  • Hit Points – 6,970,000 (normal), 19,650,000 (heroic)
  • No Enrage Timer


  • Flame Jets: Does 5,655 to 6,345 Fire damage and interrupt any spellcasting and prevents the caster from casting any spells from that school for 8 seconds. Affected targets also take 1000 Fire damage every 1 second for 8 seconds.
  • Scorch: Inflicts 2,357 to 2,643 Fire damage every half-second to targets in front of the caster within 30 yards. In addition, the ground within 13 yards becomes scorched, inflicting 4,713 to 5,287 Fire damage every 1 second.
  • Slag Pot: Charges a random target and incapacitates them, inflicting 5,000 Fire damage every 1 second for 10 seconds. If the target survives, they will gained 100% haste for 10 seconds.
  • Activate Construct: Fires a bolt of magma at a random deactivated Iron Construct, activating it and causing it to defend the caster.
  • Strength of the Creator: Increases damage done by 15%. One stack of this buff is applied each time an Iron Construct is summoned, and one stack is removed each time a Brittle Iron Construct is shattered.

Recommended Consumables:

This is a pretty straight forward fight, with a bit of target switching involved. You would want any consumables which may help your DPS.

Frost Mage Overview:

  • Pet Friendly: Friendly
  • Cooldowns: You may want to save your Ice Blocks, and Cold Snap for when you get Slag Potted.

You need to make sure to have your Water Elemental stop casting right before he finishes casting Flame Jets, to avoid your pet’s spells to be locked out for 8 seconds. Ignis will be tanked facing away from the raid so you don’t have to worry about the flames left by Scorch.

Flame Jets

Every so often, he will begin casting Flame Jets, where he stomps the ground and knocks everyone up into the air. It will also interrupt your casting, and lock out your spell’s school for 8 seconds. Make sure you are NOT casting when he is about to finish casting Flame Jets! It is a 5 second cast so plan accordingly.

Being locked out of the Frost tree for 8 seconds is very brutal on your DPS, and could even kill you if your Ice Block is locked out and you need to use it.

Slag Pot

Every so often, Ignis will charge at a random raid member, and put that person into his belly. While in there, you will be taking 5k damage (10k damage on Heroic) every second, for 10 seconds. If you survive this imprisonment, not only will you get the Hot Pocket Achievement, but you will also get a Haste buff for 10 seconds. 100% Haste on Normal, 150% Haste on Heroic.

You CAN cast Fire Ward and Ice Barrier while in his belly to help out your healers. If you REALLY want to help out your healers, you can also cast Ice Block to avoid any damage during the entire duration.

However, if you Ice Block during that time, you will NOT receive the Haste buff, and will NOT get credit for the achievements. Remember though: Killing Boss > Getting Achivements.

Pop your Ice Veins, then Cold Snap if you survived the Slag Pot, in case you get targeted again later.


Whenever Ignis spawns one of these guys, they will need to be picked up by an off-tank, or a kiter. They can be slowed/snared/stunned, so if you are chosen to kite them, as a Frost Mage you should have no problems doing so. They are to be tanked/kited in the flames left on the ground from when Ignis casts Scorch. For every second they are in the flames, they will get a stack of the Heat debuff.

When they get 20 stacks of the debuff, they become Molten, and needs to be moved into the water. Once they touch the water, they become Brittle and will become frozen in place unable to do anything. During that time, if it recieves any damage over 5000, it will Shatter, so be sure the stay clear of it.

If you are kiting, you can easily slow it with Cone of Cold or Improve Blizzard and move it across a flame. If you have Frostbite, even better. You can then Frost Nova it while it is in the flame, then Deep Freeze it right before nova wears off. See? Deep Freeze can be used in PvE!

If you are not kiting, you can help out the tank/kiter by stunning the construct while it is in the flames, or range nova it with your pet. While it is Brittle, one Frostbolt is enough to shatter the construct.

Keep in mind these three things, and DPS him down as much as you can. Ignis has no enrage timer, but the raid can get overrun by constructs and become low on mana as the fight gets dragged out too long.

Mage Loots:

The cloak I would pass to a Healer if they need it. If no Healer needs and it is an upgrade, go for it. The off-hand and wand are great to pick up if you need an upgrade. The staff is very nice, and has a lot of Spell Power and Hit. These shoulders share the same model as the Mage Tier 8 set, but is worst than the T8.5 Shoulders. The ring that drops is also very nice.

[Image and General Strategy used was taken from]

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  • Cathy said:

    Wow awesome explanation…very clear. I had been putting off duel specing mainly because I’m a creature of habit and hate changing specs and really didn’t feel the need. It appears with this fight though that frost is a must so I’ll definately be looking at some frost specs.

    Thanks so much for the great info. I’ll keep checking back:)

    Cathys last blog post..

  • HP said:

    Talk about coincidence, I just saw this fight in 10 mans though we had time for only 1 try but I got a Hot Pocket achievement! This is a pretty fun fight IMO and it’ll feel very satisfying getting him down.

    HPs last blog post..

  • mininova said:

    can u explain the frost DPS rotation? and how does frost work in PvE. never rly concirned about speccing frost for raiding

  • Tuna (Author) said:

    The rotation for Frost is simply Frostbolt, and more Frostbolts. Don’t bother Ice Lancing on Fingers of Frost, just keep Frostbolting. Frost is pretty much all about managing your cooldowns. For each fight it is different, but it is up to you when you want to pop your Water Elemental, Icy Veins, and Cold Snaps. That and managing your Trinkets and any Potions you may be using.


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