Frost Mage PvE: XT-002 Deconstructor

XT-002 Deconstructor is considered the fourth boss encounter in Ulduar. He is the giant robot blocking the way into The Antechamber of Ulduar. Other than The Flame Leviathan, he is the only other mandatory boss required to gain access to the next area of Ulduar.

The XT-002 fight is also considered by many to be the “gear check” for raids to see if they are ready for the rest of Ulduar. This fight can be very healing and mana intensive, and requires a high amount of DPS to take him down before his enrage timer.

The difference between Normal and Heroic mode, is that he will do a bit more damage, and the adds that spawn have a bit more health. Other than that, the strategy will remain the same.

Boss Stats:

  • Hit Points – 6,000,000 (normal), 25,000,000 (heroic)
  • Enrage Timer – 7 Minutes


  • Light Bomb: Causes the target to inflict 2,750 damage to other players within 10 yards every 1 second, for 9 seconds.
  • Gravity Bomb: Causes the target to explode after 9 seconds, which pulls other players within 20 yards and inflicts 17,100 to 18,900 Shadow damage.
  • Tympanic Tantrum: Damages everybody for 10% of their maximum hit points every 1 second, for 12 seconds. This is a channeled spell, which also dazes the affected targets for 2 seconds.

Recommended Consumables:

This is a straight forward fight, which require you to output as much DPS as possible, as well as being able to AoE down adds without going out of mana. You would want any consumables which may help your DPS, and make sure you have a Mana Potion handy also. You will most likely need it.

Frost Mage Overview:

  • Pet Friendly: Moderate
  • Cooldowns: You may need to save your Ice Block and Cold Snap cooldowns

Your Water Elemental cannot be targeted by the Light and Gravity Bombs, but will still take damage from them from other players. Your pet will also be taking damage from the Tympanic Tantrum, but will most likely survive it due to all the AoE healing you will be receiving during that time.

Phase 1: Watch Your Debuffs!

XT-002 will be positioned by the stairs between the two northern junk piles, with melee spread out around him, and the ranged DPS and Healers standing together about 15 yards away from the tank and melee DPS.

This fight is similar to High Astromancer Solarian from the Tempest Keep. When you get a debuff, you get the heck out of the raid, as fast as you can. Luckily for us Mages, Blink comes in very handy. So if you see you have the debuff, blink to either the left or right, of the raid, but make sure you stay within range of the healers so you don’t die.

Ice Block doesn’t remove the debuffs, but it will prevent any damage to you while you are in it. So you may want to save it for when you are close to dying, or you feel like helping out your healers, feel free to do so. You may also want to save your Ice Block for when Tympanic Tandrum occurs, to avoid all that damage entirely.

Phase 2: Exposed Heart with Adds!

When XT-200’s Health reaches 75/50/25%, he will go into a shutdown mode, and expose his Heart. During this phase, XT-200 cannot be targeted, but his heart can, and it will also take double the damage. So during this phase, you want to do as much damage as possible to the heart, because that damage also transfers to XT-200!

You have to be careful not to destroy the heart though, that will activate Hard Mode! If this is your first attempts on XT-200, you shouldn’t worry about destroying the heart, and should just go all out. You most likely won’t have the DPS to destroy the heart until you’ve gone through a couple weeks of Ulduar.

I recommend popping your Icy Veins and Water Elemental during this time for the additonal DPS. Your pet’s Freeze will also come in handy during this phase. It will also be a good time to pop Mirror Image for the extra bit of damage. Make sure you pop it before the adds spawn- you don’t want your dumb images to go running off to DPS random things.

Also during this phase, adds will spawn from the four junk piles in the room. They are located in each corner of the room, and will spawn 3 different type of adds.

  • XM-024 Pummeller
  • XS-013 Scrapbot
  • XE-321 Boombot

The Pummeller will be off tanked and killed. The Scrapbots and Boombots will slowly make their way towards XT-200 and will not aggro any player. The all have around 2k Health (4k on Heroic) each.

Your job will be to AoE down the Scrapbots as soon as they get close to XT-200, because if they do, each one will heal him for around 60k Health. The Boombots can either be killed while near XT-200, or with the Scrapbots. When the Boombots die, they explode and do around 15k Damage to everything around them (both NPC’s and Players).

As a Frost Mage with Improved Blizzard and Frostbite, you can easily solo two piles on one side easily. It takes one Blizzard to take out a wave of Scrapbots on Normal, and on Heroic a 2nd Blizzard might be needed.

If you find yourself in trouble (or the other AoE side), use your pet’s Freeze ability to freeze the bots in place so that they don’t make their way to XT-200. You don’t want to be in melee range to use Frost Nova in case a Boombot explodes.

After about 30 seconds, his heart goes away and starts Phase 1 again. Repeat until he is defeated.

Hard Mode

To activate Hard Mode, you will need to destroy his heart during Phase 2. On Normal Mode, the heart has 1.8M Health, and on Heroic Mode it has 10M Health. You would have 30 seconds to destroy it if you want to activate Hard Mode.

Once activated, XT-200 will be Heartbroken, healed to full health, and also gain an additional 45% Health. He will also do 35% more damage.

His abilities also gain additional effects:

  • Gravity Bomb will leave Void Zone: which inflicts 5,000 damage to players standing in it.
  • Light Bomb will leave Life Spark: which inflicts 800 Nature damage to nearby players every 3 seconds.

Which means your original strategy will be slightly adjusted. Not only will the person who gets the debuff have to run out, the rest of the raid will also need to run the opposite direction to avoid the Void Zone and Life Spark.

Mage Loots:

As always, anything with Crit/Hit and Spell Power is up for grabs. The Mantle, though has Haste and Spell Power, I would grab if no healers wanted it. Plus it has the same model as the Priest’s Tier 8 set. You don’t wanna be running around with Priestly looking shoulders do you? Same thing with MP5, I tend to let healers have first dibs on those items. It just doesn’t feel right.

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