Frost Mage PvE: Anomalus

“Anomalus is a giant Arcane Voidwraith boss in The Nexus. Voidwraiths are a slender type of voidwalker. Voidwraiths seem to be more rare than other voidwalkers and rarely talk.” –

Boss Stats:

  • Hit Points – 192,200
  • Mana – 50,000


  • Spark: Deals 2025 to 2475 Arcane damage.
  • Create Rift: Opens a Chaotic Rift near Anomalus which spawns Chaotic Wraiths.
  • Rift Shield Renders Anomalus immune to all damage while Chootic Rifts are up.

Recommended Consumables:

  • Any TBC Elixirs you may have left over
  • Any TBC Weapon Oils you may have left over
  • Spell Damage food of your choice

This is a pretty simple fight, with a bit of target switching involved. You would want any consumables which may help your DPS.

Frost Mage Overview:

  • Pet Friendly: Very Friendly
  • Cooldowns: No need to save your Ice Block and Cold Snap cooldowns

Your Water Elemental will not be taking any group damage, so you don’t have to worry about keeping your pet safe and alive.

Anomalus will be tanked in the middle of the platform he is located on, with the rest of the group members standing around him.

Just stand back and DPS away. When he is at 75%, 50%, and 25%, he will create a Chaotic Rift which will spawn Chaotic Wraiths. The Chaotic Rift has roughly 14,000 HP. The Rift also makes Anomalus immune to all damage while it is up, so it is important to take it out as soon as possible.

You can have the following Macro to help if needed:

/target Chaotic Rift

After the Chaotic Rift is destroyed, kill any Chaotic Wraiths which may still be up, then continue to DPS down Anomalus again. Again this occurs at 75%, 50%, and 25%. Then simply DPS til he dies.

Heroic Mode:

In Heroic Mode, his Spark will hit for around 4275 to 4725 Arcane Damage. Also he will spawn more Chaotic Rifts more often, and sometimes in pairs. They will also have around 28,000 HP.

Mage Loots:

The Off-Hand is nice, but is lacking in Hit/Crit/Haste, and can be passed to a healer if needed. Same goes for the Necklace, pass if a healer needs, pick it up if it is an upgrade for you.

[Image and General Strategy used was taken from]

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