Frost Mage PvE: Al’ar

“Al’ar the Phoenix God, is the first seen boss of the Eye in Tempest Keep. It is Kael’thas Sunstrider’s phoenix and pet. This boss is more often than not skipped at first and attempted after Void Reaver because of Void Reaver’s lesser difficulty.” –

The phoenix is the most powerful spell a Blood Mage can cast. The idea of a creature rising from its own ashes can also symbolize the blood elves who rose from the ashes of the slaughtered high elves. Thus the phoenix serves as an essential symbol of the blood elf race. Powerful Blood Mages, like Kael’thas, can summon phoenixes.

Boss Stats:

  • Hit Points – 2,800,000
  • Enrage Timer – 10 minutes after Phase 2


  • Flame Buffet: A stackable debuff incurred every 2s that causes 1750-2250 fire damage and increases fire damage taken by 10% per application. Cast if no players are within melee range.
  • Flame Quills: Occasionally, Al’ar will fly to the center of the room instead of switching platforms. Al’ar then launches quills that hit anyone on the platforms or the outer part of the ramps. Deals ~8k Fire damage per second, for several seconds.
  • Rebirth: ~5000 fire damage to anyone in melee range, with a knockback across the room. This occurs a few seconds after a Dive Bomb, in the same location where the Dive Bomb hit. Al’ar also uses this ability at the start of Phase 2, when resurrecting in the center of the room.
  • Dive Bomb: Al’ar flies up, and targets the ground beneath a random player. Al’ar then crashes into the ground at that location. This deals ~5000 fire damage, and spawns two Ember of Al’ar adds. Al’ar then uses Rebirth at that location. 30 second cooldown.
  • Flame Patch: Spawns under a randomly targeted player, and deals ~3000 fire damage per tick.
  • Melt Armor: Target’s armor is reduced by 80% for 60 seconds, tanks must taunt immediately when this happens. 60s cooldown.
  • Ember of Al’ar: A phoenix is summoned every time Al’ar switches positions during phase one. Two phoenixes are summoned every time he uses Flame Crash during phase two.
  • Berserk: After 15 minutes damage increased by 500% and attack speed by 150%.

Ember Stats:

  • Hit Points – 70,000
  • Can be stunned but not snared.

Ember Abilities:

  • Ember Blast: Explodes upon death, knocking back any player in a 15 yard range. Deals ~7000 fire damage, and additional fall damage.
  • Each time one is destroyed, Al’ar’s health is drained by 3% of max health.

Recommended Consumables:

Anything to up your DPS is advised. Mana potions may be used if you find yourself running low on mana frequently. This is a very long fight.

Frost Mage Overview:

  • Pet Friendly: Moderate
  • Cooldowns: No need to save your Ice Block and Cold Snap cooldowns

Pets will not be targeted by any of Al’ar’s abilities, but you must be careful of Flame Patches. If you or your pet are standing in one, get yourself and your pet out as soon as possible.

During Phase one, it is a simple tank and spank fight. Al’ar will move from one platform to another, with four platforms total. Al’ar will jump from platform to platform, in order for the first four jumps. After that, he could jump to any of the four platforms. There is no aggro for phase one, so you can go all out for this.

To get the most out of your DPS, here is a little tip that may help you out. Before the pull, position yourself between the first and second platform. When Al’ar is pulled, bust out all your cooldowns. This way your Water Elemental does not have to move when Al’ar goes from the first platform, to the second. At the 10 second warning before he jumps to platform three, Blink your way between platform three and four, Coldsnap and repeat.

He will occasionally fly straight up in the middle of the room for Flame Quills, you can still DPS him while he is up there. When he comes down from Flame Quills, Al’ar “usually” goes to the first platform, so wait for Al’ar between platform one and two.

When Al’ar dies, USE Invisiblity! He will respawn for Phase two, and will usually go after someone high on his threat list. Use Invisibilty, drop threat, then laugh at the Warlocks who happens to die at the beginning of Phase two.

During Phase two, things get a bit hectic. Flame Patches will spawn randomly on the ground. If you find yourself standing in one, get yourself out as soon as possible. Blinking out is the fastest way. Just make sure you don’t Blink right into another one.

Keep popping your cooldowns whenever they are up, and keep yourself alive. Keep Fire Ward and Ice Barrier up at all times to avoid taking any unnecessary damage. Keep your Water Elemental on Al’ar at all times if it is up. Making your pet switch targets for adds will make your pet lose valuable DPS.

When you see Al’ar fly up in the middle of the room, spread out and keep Ice Barrier and Fire Ward up. He will use Dive Bomb and drop on a random player in the raid. If he happens to drop on you, Blink towards your nearest tank, and he will get Al’ar off of you when he spawns.

Adds are your number one priority. He will spawn two adds after every Dive Bomb ability. After tanks get initial aggro on the adds, take them down. Whenever an add dies, it deals 3% damage to Al’ar. Please note that Al’ar doesn’t take any damage from an add dying if he is currently high up in the air preparing to do a Dive Bomb. So sometimes you may have to stop DPS on adds and wait for him to come back down before you kill it. Also note that when an add dies, they explode and do damage to anyone standing near it. Keep your distance from them.

With a 10 minute enrage timer, Al’ar is quite a DPS race. Stay alive and DPS as hard as you can. If he enrages, Al’ar will wipe the raid within seconds. After he dies the second time, he won’t come back to life this time. Grats and enjoy your loot.

Mage Loot:

Both pieces of loot are good to grab. The ring will last you until you venture into Black Temple, and the wrist will last you until you can replace them in Mount Hyjal.

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