Soul Eater – 10

The Fey Blade Masamune ~Broken Soul Possession, The Heart that Sings in the Rain?~

Episode 10 focuses mainly on Black Star and Tsubaki this time. We learn more about Black Star and about his Star Clan. We also learn a few things about Tsubaki.


It begins with Tsubaki in Shinigami-sama’s room. He tells her that Masamune is loose, and that he may become a Demon God if he is not stopped. Tsubaki tells Shinigami-sama that she and Black Star will defeat him.

Black Star and Tsubaki end up at a small village looking for Masamune. They meet some of the villagers, but when they saw the star tatoo on Black Star’s arm, they became violent towards them. To avoid any confrontations, Black Star and Tsubaki leaves the town.

Black Star explains to Tsubaki why some people hate the symbol on his arm, and what the symbol represents. It represents his clan, the Star Clan. They were known as assassins who would do anything for money. They started harvesting human souls in order to obtain more power. Shibusen wiped out the entire clan leaving Black Star as the sole survivor. He was only an infant at that time, and was taken in by Shibusen.

At that moment, the Fey Blade Masamune enters the village. He approaches one of the villagers and offers him his power.

Black Star and Tsubaki senses Masamune’s presence and goes back to the village to confront him. Masamune has the power to dominate a human soul, control him, and in the end, devour the soul. Masamune uses the village boy to fight Black Star.

Masamune also has the power to control the shadow of the human he possesses. He manipulates the shadow (kind of like how Ragnarok uses blood to attack) to attack Black Star.

Black Star lures Masamune over to the statue in the middle of the village so he can set up an attack. Black Star and Tsubaki uses their Resonance of Souls and unleashes Shield Star. The move blocks Masamune’s attack, and suspends him in the air- Black Star’s domain. Black Star hits Masamune with his wavelength, and severs Masamune’s possession over the villager.

Tsubaki takes hold of the Fey Blade, and her soul enters the blade. Now Tsubaki must battle against Masamune by herself. Only Tsubaki can fight against Masamune- for he is her brother.


Next episode will have the battle between Tsubaki and Masamune inside of the Fey Blade. More fighting, and more about Tsubaki’s past.


More Tsubaki-chan coming up next episode!

This episode was very good. The fight scenes were cool and well animated. You can tell by the screenshots that they haven’t been slacking off on the animation quality. I think it is safe to say that Black Star and Tsubaki are my new favorite Meister/Weapon team (sorry Death the Kid). There is a lot of chemistry between Black Star and Tsubaki, and next episode will have even more Tsubaki action.

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