Soul Eater – 2

I am the Star! ~Is there a man who is more famous than me?~

The second episode of the series focuses on another Meister/Weapon dual. This time it is Black Star and Tsubaki, and their quest to obtain 99 evil human souls and 1 witch’s soul.


It begins where the Prologue from episode 1 left off with Black Star and Tsubaki infiltrating a crime lord’s mansion. That crimelord is named Al Capone. Include the boss, the odds are against them 100:2, but they have the first strike and the element of surprise on their side…

Or not. Instead of taking out the enemy in a quick and stealthy manner as Tsubaki has hoped, Black Star instead, jumps down and announces his arrival to his enemies with a flashy entrance. Black Star and Tsubaki were quickly fired upon and forced to retreat. Mission: Failed!

Back at school they meet up with Maka and Soul. When asked about their last mission, Maka and Soul became depressed and doesn’t want to talk about it. Black Star and Tsubaki were then called to Shinigami-sama’s err.. office? Shinigami-sama informs them that Al Capone is after a Witch named Angela. Black Star figures in his head that he could kill two birds with one stone by taking them all out. Without listening to the rest of what Shinigami-sama has to say, Black Star makes his exit.

Insert obligatory bath scene. Upon sneaking in on Tsubaki to take a peak, Black Star becomes his loud self and gives away his position. Tsubaki retaliates with a shuriken to Black Star’s forehead. He survives.

Off to the witch hunt. Upon arriving at their destination, they see the remains of what used to be Al Capone and Company: red souls scattered everywhere. They are suddenly attacked by a swordsmen. He introduces himself as Mifune, Angela’s bodyguard. They battle with Mifune having the upperhand. Black Star must resort to some ninja trickery.

Black Star has Tsubaki transform into a giant shuriken and tosses it at Mifune. Mifune effortlessly stops the shuriken, but then Black Star has Tsubaki turn into a smoke bomb and explode. Mifune is now trapped in a cloud of smoke, unable to tell where Black Star will be attacking from. Black Star now has the upperhand… or so we thought.

Black Star appears from above ready to make his strike, but yells before doing so. That gives away his position and Mifune is able to counter the attack, and slashes Black Star across the stomach. Luckily for Black Star, Mifune only used the back side of the blade to avoid kill him. Mifune then lectures Black Star about fighting, and calls him “small fry”. That of course pisses off Black Star and he becomes serious.

Black Star has Tsubaki transform again, and in a puff of smoke appears Black Star holding a ninja sword. This Black Star however, was actually one of Tsubaki’s transformations, and by the time Mifune realizes this, it was already too late. Black Star came from behind and delivered a powerful attack to Mifune sending him flying into a pillar. Victory!

Black Star approaches Mifune’s fallen body and asks him where Angela is. When it looked like Black Star was about to deliver the final blow, Angela comes flying in to rescue Mifune, but instead comes crashing down onto his body. Black Star and Tsubaki are shocked to find that Angela is just a little girl.

When asked by Tsubaki on what they should do, Black Star who can’t find it in his heart to kill a little girl, lets them go, and walks away. Tsubaki smiles, and follows after him. They bring back the souls of Al Capone and his men back to Shinigami-sam. They won’t count for him of course.

The story ends with another “Peak at Tsubaki while she is in the bath” incident with Black Star with another shuriken to the forehead.

Prologue + Preview:

Prologue 3: Death the Kid

The next episode will focus on the third Meister, Death the Kid, and his two Weapons, Patty and Liz Thompson.


Black Star reminds me of Naruto, pre-Shippuuden. He is supposed to be a stealthy ninja, but prefers to make flashy entrances. He is loud and obnoxious, but funny. And he uses ninja trickery to win his battles. He is my least favorite of the three Meisters. Black Star’s voice came out perfect for the role. I also liked Tsubaki’s character and how she had to deal with all of Black Star’s actions. Tsubaki is played by Kaori Nazuka, who also does a good job with her voice.

Next episode will star my favorite Meister of the three, Death the Kid. He has two weapons, fires the trigger with his pinky, AND travels around on skateboard/airboard. How cool is that?!

The series has not been licensed in the US as of yet, but requests have been made by MediaFactory, to take down video posted on YouTube and taken of the anime listing on Animesuki. There are fansub groups subbing Soul Eater still. One of them being [AEN] of which I have been watching from.

I wrote my reviews off of the Raws (untranslated) videos of the series using what Japanese I know (around four semesters in college). I will go back and make corrections if any after watching the translated version of the episode.

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