Soul Eater – 12

Undaunting Courage in the Face of Fear ~Maka Alban’s Great Determination?~

Episode 12 brings some of the baddies together in a Witch Meeting. Medusa seems to have something up her sleeves.



The episode begins with the conclusion of a Witch’s Meeting where we also see Angela accompanied by Mifune (last seen in episode 2), along with Medusa and her crew. After the meeting, Medusa was stopped by two other witches, Eruka and Mizune. They were questioning her motives, but were silenced when Medusa got annoyed.


Sometime later, Maka and Black Star meet up with Dr. Stein. He seems to have a training device for Black Star. It is a pot filled with special water. It is a liquid which absorbs your soul’s wavelength when you touch it. The perfect training device for Black Star in order to use Tsubaki’s Demon Blade mode.

Afterwards, Maka and Blair had a party planned for Black Star and Tsubaki to congratulate them on their first soul. The whole crew was there. However during the party, Maka sensed the souls of Witches nearby.

It was Medusa, being confronted by the same two witches we saw earlier. Medusa quickly disposed of Mizune, and scared off Eruka.

A few moments later, Maka and Dr. Stein come running because of what they sensed. Medusa said that is the reason why she was also there.

Later that night, Medusa catches up with Eruka and demanded that she does something for her, or else she will meet the same fate as Mizune. Medusa gives her a key, and tells Eruka to free a prisoner. Prisoner 13 in the Witch’s Jail, the man with the Devil’s Eye, the person who took out the eye of the head Witch, Madame Demona.



Next episode we find our heroes fighting this man with the Devil’s Eye. It seems that Black Star trained enough to use Tsubaki’s Demon Blade mode, and it also looks like something has gone wrong with Soul.


Blair finally gets some screen time!

This was a rather short and simple episode. We find out a little bit more about Medusa, and that she is not even trusted by her fellow witches. Next episode looks like it will be really good. We get to see Tsubaki’s Demon Blade mode! We still haven’t seen Blair in action since the first episode though.

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