Soul Eater – 14

Super Written Exam ~Heart Pounding, Nervous, No Way?~

Episode 14, the Soul Eater gang face their toughest challenge yet. The Super Written Exam given by Dr. Stein.


There are a few days left before the big exam, and everyone is doing their best to study… well sort of. Looks like Maka and Tsubaki are the only two who are taking the exam seriously. Soul is being distracted by Blair, Patty fell asleep, Liz is plucking her eye brows, Kid is drawing, and Black Star is exercising.

Black Star seems to have his own way of passing the exam. Instead of studying, he sneaks off into Dr. Stein’s laboratory, to take a sneak peak at the test and answers. He of course gets caught. They find him the next day at the beginning of class.

The exam starts, and Soul reveals that he has a few tricks up his sleeves. He has written a cheat sheet on the inside of all his clothes. He also gets caught and is forced to take the exam wearing nothing but his boxers. He has another chance to pass the exam… to cheat from his neighbors!

Only one problem, his neighbors are Death the Kid and Patty Thompson. Time is almost over on the exam time, and Kid is still trying to write his name down. Patty constructs a paper giraffe! Maybe some help from his pal Black Star? Nope… it is over for Soul.

The exam grades are posted up. Death the Kid and Black Star are at the bottom with zero points. Patty ended up with 2 points (which I think is amazing), Liz ended up with 28 points, Tsubaki with 67 points (I think), and up top at number 1, Maka with a perfect 100.

To congratulate Maka, her father asks Blair to buy her a present for him. Blair ended up spending the money on something for herself. She uses her magic to change the size of the item so that I would fit Maka. Maka doesn’t seem to like the present.

Ending Sequence:

New ending song! The song is Style, by Nishino Kana. The ending sequence shows Maka walking in casual clothing and eventually meets up with Soul. The ending reminds me of one of the ending sequence for Bleach.


Next episode will start getting serious again. Death the Kid looks like he was sent out on a mission, and ends up fighting with Chrona and Ragnarok.


How did you end up scoring 2 points with that giraffe, Patty?!

This was a very funny episode. I was laughing out loud at many parts of the episode. Especially any scenes with Patty in it. I still wonder how she scored 2 points if she turned her test into a paper giraffe…

Death the Kid vs Chrona and Ragnarok next episode! Can’t wait.

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  • Ryoujin said:

    Hey Tuna, I was trying to get some info about this but I couldn’t find. A while ago you told me about Tadashi, and since Rumbel is taking so long I started downloading from them, but I’m not sure, do they do the Uncut version or the Cut version?

  • Gahlok said:

    Woops, that was me (the previous one ^^)

  • Tuna (Author) said:

    Tadashi only does the regular version. Rumbel is the only group I’ve seen so far that does the Late Show version, but I think they’re only at episode 12.

  • LE said:

    I was wondering how she got a 2 myself, she probably wrote her name on it. XD


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