Soul Eater – 3

The Boy of Perfection ~Death the Kid’s Magnificent Mission?~

Episode 3 features our last Meister. Death the Kid, is Shinigami-sama’s son and has a obsession with having everything perfect and symmetrical. His two Weapons are Patty and Liz, who can each turn into a Gun for him to use, or for each other to use.



The episodes starts off with a thief making a run for it after robbing a building. He is being chased and fired at by hero of the episode: Death the Kid. The thief identified as Lupin, is cornered by Kid, who busts out into a “cool” pose with Patty and Liz.

Immediately after the pose his Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) kicks in as he yells at Patty for standing slightly off centered. He then goes on about how they both have different hair styles and breast size. Liz, who gets pissed off easily because her younger sister has larger breasts than her, gets angry and points out that Kid isn’t symmetrical himself because of the three white stripes in his hair. This puts Kid into a very depressed state, and while all this is happening, Lupin gets away.


Kid contacts his father (Shinigami-sama) to report what happened. Shinigami-sama tells Kid that he is not required to collect souls to make a weapon and that Kid is already a Shinigami. Kid however wants to do things his way and be able to make his own weapon, even if it means that he has to collect the souls for each weapon separately (198 evil human souls + 2 witch’s soul). Shinigami-sama tells Kid of an ancient pyramid where there is a Witch reviving mummies. Off they went.

When they arrive, Kid’s spider senses goes off and thinks that a picture frame back home might be slightly slanted. Patty and Liz stops him before he goes back. As they ventured deeper into the pyramid, the are confronted by a group of mummies. Patty and Liz get ready to battle but as they look back, Kid has already left to go fix that picture frame. Patty and Liz are left to fend for themselves, transforming back and forth using each other as weapons, they managed to defeat the mummies. A Witch shows up and resurrects a powerful mummy, who turned against the Witch when he was awaken, and devoured the Witch.


Meanwhile back at school, Soul and Black Star are running around the school trying to figure out who is the Meister that has been taking on difficult missions and is a “Bigger” man than Black Star. They found at from one of the faculty member that the Meister is none other than Shinigami-sama’s son. Somewhere else, Kid fixes the slightly slanted picture frame and his mind is now at ease. He heads back to where Patty and Liz are.


When Kid heads back into the pyramid, he finds Patty and Liz all bounded up by the mummy and releases them from their bondage. The mummy seems to be too powerful for Kid to handle as he is being knocked around like a rag doll. This however changes when the mummy reveals himself to Kid. Upon seeing how unsymmetrical the mummy is, Kid goes into an OCD berzerker rage, and quickly takes out the mummy with no further complications.


This ends the introductions for our main characters of the series. Next week we will start to see some real action.



Looks like we’re going to see some tag team action as Maka and Black Star battle some baddies at a graveyard. It also looks like Maka and Soul are going to pull off some special attack.


I really enjoyed this episode. The synergy between Death the Kid, Patty, and Liz was perfect. Kid’s character is very interesting and I like how he slips in and out of OCD mode. Patty’s character reminded me of Ed from Cowboy Bebop, an always smiling, always cheerful character. Liz who is the complete opposite, is very self-conscience, and plays the tsundere role. All three character mesh so well, and it works out perfectly.

If the first three episodes are any indication of what the series is, then I can’t wait til next week when the “Real” story begins.

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  • GAT-X105 Strike said:

    Soul and Black Start together is funny. I hope to see a lot more with them together.

    I actually didn’t like Kid’s character that much. I do however really like his weapons though. Put them all together and I can tolerate him for a bit until he goes into crazy mode again.

    Oooh I really like that second to last screenshot you took with all the main characters. Can I steal it? :)

  • lolz said:

    nice use of the word bondage at the sexy part. lol


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