Soul Eater - 15

The Soul Devouring Black Dragon ~Cowardly Liz and Her Pleasant Companions?~

Episode 15, Death the Kid, along with Liz and Patty, travel to a village which had been attacked by a mysterious monster.


They reach the village to find out from a surviving villager, that they have been attacked by a Black Dragon. After a bit of researching, Kid, Liz, and Patty row off to find this Black Dragon. They manage to find this boat and board it. After a bit of investigating, they find a room full of souls.

Liz gets separated from the group when she falls down a trap. With out Liz, Kid is unable to use only Patty as a weapon (it throws off his symmetry), and they can’t do anything but run.

Meanwhile, Liz is slowly finding her way to the surface of the ship with the help of some friends. During this time, we find out a bit about the origins of Liz and Patty, and how they ended up with Kid.

When Liz finally makes it to the surface of the ship, she is met up with Kid and Patty. They are now ready to confront their enemy. All of a sudden, they’re enemy is sliced up in an instant. It was done by Chrona and Ragnarok. Ragnarok then absorbs all the souls that were hidden inside the ship, and gets stronger. He transforms and now has wings. Kid, Liz and Patty are in for a big fight.


Next episode will begin (and hopefully end) the fight against Chrona and Ragnarok. Looks like there will be an aerial battle too!


Crazy Patty is crazy?!

Another good episode. We find out more about Liz and Patty and how they ended up with Kid. Not only is Patty hilarious, Liz is also funny with her cowardly antics. Kid is worthless when it comes to symmetry as usual, but they all go together so well.

Next episode looks like it will be all action. We’ve seen what Chrona and Ragnarok can do to Maka and Soul, lets see how well Kid and company does against Chrona and upgraded Ragnarok.

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