Soul Eater – 7

The Terror of the Black Blood! ~Inside Chrona is a Weapon?~

The seventh episode of Soul Eater finally introduces some of the characters you have seen in the opening theme. In this episode you follow Maka and Soul as the cross paths with these new characters.



The episode begins with Maka and Soul riding around Italy on their motorcycle. They are there for an extra lesson to find a murderer, Sonson J. They bump into a small gang of thugs, but quickly dispose of them. Since the murder only comes out at night, they go off to gather some more information.

Later that night, inside of a church, that same gang of thugs we saw earlier are surrounding a person. This person seems to be controlled by a mysterious Witch. The Witch does some sort of incantation and makes the person, Chrona, go crazy. Chrona’s Weapon starts screeching, and makes everyone in the church cover their ears in agony.

Meanwhile elsewhere, Maka and Soul are chasing after Sonson J. and quickly take him out. Soul eats Sonson J’s soul and him and Maka talk about how souls taste. Just about when they were about to head back home, Maka’s Spider Senses kick in. She senses the soul of a Meister and Weapon surrounded by fifty or sixty human souls. They head to the church to check it out.

Upon arriving, Maka senses that all the human souls have suddenly just disappeared. She opens the door of the church only to find one person just standing there.

Maka figures that Chrona’s Weapon must be inside his body. Chrona’s Weapon, Ragnarok reveals himself to Maka and Soul. Maka then tells Chrona that devouring human souls are not allowed, and as students of Shibusen, Maka can’t let the go free. Ragnarok then transforms into a sword, and Chrona then starts attacking.

Maka successfully blocks Chrona’s attack and counters with a series of strikes. Maka then slices at Chrona’s mid-section, but was unable to. Maka delivered a powerful attack but was only able to scratch the surface of Chrona’s body and draw a few drops of blood… Black Blood.

With a bit of persuasion from Chrona’s master, Ragnarok starts screeching, and Chrona starts attacking Maka again. This time each attack is more powerful, and when Maka successfully blocked an attack, Ragnarok was able to slice into the Scythe, injuring Soul in the process.


Seeing how Ragnarok was able to injure Soul like that, left Maka no choice but to dodge every attack instead of using Soul to block or parry any incoming attacks. Maka was pushed until she had her back against the closed door, and had no more space to move. Chrona makes another attack, but Maka refused to use her Scythe to block the attack because it would injure Soul in the process. At the last second, Soul transformed back into human form and stood in front of Maka, blocking Chrona’s attack with his body.


The preview shows Soul being badly injured, as well as Dr. Stein busting through the door to save Maka. It also looks like Dr. Stein is using a Scythe as a weapon, which may very well be Maka’s father, to fight Chrona. Medusa the Witch seems to be getting into the action as well.


Medusa the Witch

This episode went through very quickly. A couple of new villains are introduced into the series. A powerful Witch, a schizophrenic Meister, and a crazy Weapon. I am confused if Chrona is a girl or a boy. So far I think he is a boy with the way he talks (refers to himself as “boku” instead of “watashi”). Chrona also stated while blushing, that he is not good at dealing with girls. Guess we’ll find out later in the series.

Next episode looks very very exciting. Looks like Dr. Stein will be doing some fighting. If you thought he was badass before without a Weapon, we’ll see how badass he is WITH Death Scythe as a Weapon. Hopefully we get to see some fighting from Medusa too!

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  • lisa said:

    heh heh, when my friends and i watched this episode, we were in a full out argument over chrona’s gender, eventually we just decided he/she was really just an “it” lol.


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