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Soul’s Resonance ~Soul Eater, Will you become a Death Scythe?~

Soul Eater Episode 1 aired last week and I finally found time to blog about it. Soul Eater airs every week on Mondays, then airs again on Wednesday night with the “Late Night” version.

That version doesn’t mean it is “uncut” or “uncensored”, it just means that there will be some extra footage. I have watched both versions of the episode, and so far there hasn’t been any huge differences asides from the extended preview for the next episode.

The screenshots you will be seeing were taken from the regular version of the episode, from the RAW (unsubbed) videos. Screenshots were taken with Zoom Player 5.0, and put together with Photoshop 7.0.



“The complete soul clings to a complete spirit and complete body.” An aerial view of the Shinigami Weapon Meister University is shown with stunning animation with the use of Computer Generated Images (CGI). The animation caught my attention from the start. I haven’t seen such crisp animation since One Piece went HD. Great job Studio Bones.

Opening Theme:


Opening theme song is resonance by T.M.Revolution. The song went very well with the fast paced opening sequence, displaying a whole lot of action and fighting, which there will be plenty of in this series.

Part A:



The episode starts off with a demon attacking a women, killing her, and eating her soul. After devouring her soul, the demon gets stronger, and wants even more power. He finds his next prey and chases after his victim. He pins down the woman, and is about to strike when he hears a *slurp* sound from behind.

Enter Maka and Soul who states that they have found Jack the Ripper. The woman escapes from the demon while he is distracted by the presence of the Meister/Weapon dual. Soul then transforms into a scythe to be used by Maka, and she declares to Jack the Ripper, that she will take his soul.

A fight takes place and ends with Maka and Soul being victorious with Soul being able to eat his 99th evil soul. This is a huge feat for them since a weapon needs to obtain 99 evil souls and 1 witch’s soul in order to become the “Death Scythe”.

Maka reports the outcome of their battle to Shinigami-sama. They were praised by Shinigami-sama, and was reminded that the last soul they obtain must be the soul of a witch, or else all the souls they have collected so far would be void.

Only one soul left for them to get…

Part B:



The next scene is at a Pumpkin house. Inside we have the Witch Blair (lol). Blair is currently taking a bath while singing a song, and Maka and Soul have just arrived outside. Soul who thinks it is unmanly to be sneaking around outside her house decides that he will just jump through the window and fight her head on. He smashes through the window not knowing about the bath, and lands face first into Blair’s chest.

Maka enters soon after and tells Blair that they are here to take her soul. Maka has Soul transform into the scythe, and as soon as Blair sees this, she says that she wants Soul for herself. Blair quickly takes out Maka and Soul with her powers, and forces the fight outside.

The fight continues outside and Blair ask Soul to come with her and become her man. Maka interjects and states that she and Soul are already partners and tells Blair that she can’t be ignored. Maka decided that she will have to kill Maka and take Soul by force.

Maka is being pushed back as Blair seems to have the upper hand in combat. Maka can’t seem to do anything against Blair and she asks Soul what she should do. Soul remains silent…

Part C:


Maka gets knocked off the edge of the roof, and is hanging only by the scythe. Soul transforms back into his human form, and drops Maka from the edge of the roof. He tells Maka that it is enough. That he is going to go with Blair. Maka is shocked by this statement and feels betrayed. She is reminded about her past, and how she has grown to distrust men. She tells Soul that even though she has always distrusted men, that she believed in him, and can’t believe that Soul would be one of those cheating men that she hates.

Soul then smiles and says that he would never do anything uncool such as cheating. He then transforms a part of his body into a scythe and Maka realized that Soul did that to get close to Blair. Maka runs over and grabs Soul’s hand and he transform fully into a scythe, and they were able to take out Blair.

They now have obtain a Witch’s soul! Soul swallows it and begins to transform into a Death Scythe… and… stops. Nothing happens, and all of a sudden a cat walks by which resembles Blair. Maka and Soul are shocked, and Blair explains that she isn’t a Witch, but just a cat with magical powers.

Maka then recalls Shinigami-sama telling them that the last soul must be of a Witch, or else all souls they have collected so far would be forfeit.


Part D:

Introducing the next Meister: Black Star and his Weapon, Tsubaki. The scene shows him infiltrating an enemy base to take out a crimeboss, and take his soul.

Ending Theme:


The ending theme is I Will Be by STANCE PUNKS, and is accompanied by some really great still frames of the characters from the series. Once again I am amazed at the quality of the animation of the series and hope they keep this kind of production level throughout the entire series.

Again, you can view the OP and ED at:



The preview picks up where Part D left off with Prelude to Black Star. The next episode will focus on Black Star and Tsubaki as they take out their target.


As you may already know, Soul Eater was a much anticipated anime series for me, and I have very happy of the overally quality of the first episode. I love everything about it. The animation is excellent, the characters and story are great, and the music is very good. What else can you ask for?

At first Maka’s voice seemed a bit off from what I was expecting. Her voice just didn’t fit the character (especially when she is yelling). I eventually got used to her voice, but it is still the only gripe I have so far. Otherwise, everything else was good.

Since this was the first episode, I went with a full recap of the entire episode. For future episodes, there will be a alot less pictures, and will only be a summary of the episode.

Feel free to comment on what you think of each episode or even bring up topics to discuss. I know the manga has been out for some time now, so please keep the comments restricted to only the anime, and try to keep spoilers to a minimum.


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  • GAT-X105 Strike said:

    Hi! I stumbled upon your website while googling the upcoming anime shows for this season. Glad I found it!

    After reading your 2 Soul Eater posts, I too wanted to give this show a watch and I was blown away. The animation is superb, and I just love the fighting scenes.

    I actually liked Maka’s voice. It sounded cute. And I just loved Blair’s character!

    Thanks alot for the recap/summary of the first episode. I wasn’t able to find any subbed releases of the episode. I think it is licensed

    Awesome screenshots too btw! Looking forward to the upcoming episodes.

    Hopefully it doesn’t take too long for the show to come state-side.


  • flarex said:

    @Heero – it isn’t licensed as of yet. You can pick up subs from the anime enlightenment network (AEN).

  • GAT-X105 Strike said:

    Thanks flarex!

    I watched the subs last night (a lot better when you know what they are saying).

    It was the “late night” version and I too didn’t notice anything different besides the extended preview. Oh and the part where they say the sponsors after the opening theme was different. It showed the “Blair singing in the tub” scene instead of the “Maka grabbing the spinning scythe” scene.

  • Unosuke said:

    i agree with you about makas voice. it just doesn’t fit right with the character. i just love blairs character and voice though <3 pumpkins~~

  • BlackStar said:

    Does any one know the name of the song that introduces BlackStar at the end of the first episode, and then at the beginning of the second??

  • Zekiel said:

    Do you know the name of the song playing in Part D?

  • Tuna (Author) said:


    Most likely, that song will be called BlackStar’s Theme or something along those lines. We just gotta be patient and wait until the Soul Eater soundtrack is finally released.

  • Zekiel said:

    Thanks… its gonna be so long from now lol thanks


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