Soul Eater – 11

Tsubaki the Camellia ~What Lies Beyond the Sadness?~

Episode 11 continues the fight between Tsubaki and Masamune from within the Demon Blade. With Tsubaki inside, Black Star is fighting his own battle outside waiting for Tsubaki’s return, and keep her safe from the villagers.


The battle rages on between Tsubaki and her older brother, Masamune. Tsubaki is being pushed around and it is clear that Masamune is more powerful than Tsubaki. Despite being injured many times, Tsubaki fights on to stop her brother at all cost.

Remembering about her past with her brother, and remember about Black Star, Tsubaki is more determined then ever to stop her brother, and fights seriously.

Right as Tsubaki and Masamune makes their final attack and clashes, Tsubaki’s body gets absorbed by the Demon Blade. Black Star thinking that Tsubaki has lost, has become very sad, and begs for an encore hoping that she comes back.

However, Tsubaki did not lose, and was able to see her brother how she used to remember him, as a kind and gentle brother, one last time. As Black Star is poking at the Demon Blade trying to bring Tsubaki back, the blade transforms into Tsubaki. Black Star welcomes back Tsubaki with open arms, which she kindly accepts.

The two of them go back to Shinigami-sama and find that everyone was waiting for them. They were congratulated for obtaining their first soul. Black Star then reveals that Tsubaki has obtained a new weapon mode. She transforms into the Demon Blade, and everyone is in awe. But it looks like Black Star is not strong enough to hold the blade yet as his wavelength is sucked out from his body when he holds the blade.



Looks like Medusa is back next episode along with her other Witch friends, but it doesn’t seem like they are very friendly at all. Also looks like Black Star will be doing some special training with some jar. Also another character from the opening is revealed.


The Soul Eater Gals

Yep, my new favorite Meister/Weapon team is now Black Star and Tsubaki. Looks like Black Star has grown on me, and is less annoying now. And Tsubaki, well I’ve always though she was a good character. We get to see more of Medusa next week and find out what the Witches are up to. Also Black Star’s new training. Maybe we’ll see how powerful the Demon Blade mode is.

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  • FlareKnight said:

    Really was a great episode overall. Got some background on how those two ended up together and a great struggle by Tsubaki. Both sides of that team had to take care of things. Give credit to Black Star’s focus, in that no matter what was done to him he was focused on watching Tsubaki to the end. Not to mention knowing that Tsubaki needed to let out the sadness about her brother and gave her a hug.

    A sad past with Tsubaki’s family. Considering he only was able to get one weapon passed down to him, he probably felt everyone was just pitying him. Eventually that just built up until he went down a dark road. At least he found understanding at the end of it.

    They’ve easily become my favourite meister/weapon team. Of course I’m sure other teams will get more development, but do think I’ll stay the same in this belief.

    Maybe that jar from the preview is connected to training. Being able to handle Tsubaki’s new mode would be important in whatever comes in the future.


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